2015 Song-A-Day
Artists write, record, and share songs. All music is owned by each artist.
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2015 Song-A-Day

345 songs so far:

Feb 28

  1. [lyrics]A Trip To Acre (with Ella and Jessica) by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]Goodbye Song a Day 2015 by Derek Greenberg
  3. [lyrics]Thought I Knew It All by Duane Gayle
  4. [lyrics]The Celestial Steam Locomotive by Gregg M. Pasterick
  5. [lyrics]I CAN HARDLY GET AWAY by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]ICE COLD by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Done Some More (featuring Annie) by Junie
  8. [lyrics]Exaltation [exit&exultation] by Paul Ivey

Feb 27

  1. [lyrics]Sonatina - Part 4 by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]For Sainte Colombe Part 1 by Daniel Berkman
  3. [lyrics]For Sainte Colombe Part 2 by Daniel Berkman
  4. [lyrics]Hilton Valentine by Derek Greenberg
  5. [lyrics]Disruption (instrumental) by Duane Gayle
  6. [lyrics]I turned into a Martian (guest vocals by acapela-box.com) by Frank Lewis
  7. [lyrics]Doodle by Chris Greacen
  8. [lyrics]Granny Weatherwax by Gregg M. Pasterick
  9. [lyrics]BIG BIRD ON FIRE by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]Automatically Think by Junie
  11. [lyrics]pray by mathias
  12. [lyrics]Dance, Gypsy, Dance by Paul Ivey

Feb 26

  1. [lyrics]Sonatina - Part 3 by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]I Drink a Lot of Coffee by Derek Greenberg
  3. [lyrics]Another's Treasure by Chris Greacen
  4. [lyrics]This Time of Year by Gregg M. Pasterick
  5. [lyrics]B3500 by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]Crank It Out by Junie
  7. [lyrics]The Third Sunrise by Paul Ivey

Feb 25

  1. [lyrics]Sonatina - Part 2 by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]Magic Morning by Derek Greenberg
  3. [lyrics]I Won't Let Go by Duane Gayle
  4. [lyrics]Complacency by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Medicated by Gregg M. Pasterick
  6. [lyrics]SHE WALKS IN DIFFERENT CIRCLES by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]The Crappy Visitor by mathias
  8. [lyrics]House of Cards [with and feat. Moxie] by Paul Ivey

Feb 24

  1. [lyrics]Sonatina - Part 1 by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]What a Game by Derek Greenberg
  3. [lyrics]Bet You're Feeling It by Chris Greacen
  4. [lyrics]The Pain of the Present by Gregg M. Pasterick
  5. [lyrics]COURAGE TO CHANGE by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]HBDJP by Junie
  7. [lyrics]Robot, Make Song [maxrandomgeneration] by Paul Ivey

Feb 23

  1. [lyrics]Lousy With Mashup (A Cover Of A Cover By Chris Greacen) by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]when i tell (artemis cover) by Daniel Berkman
  3. [lyrics]Have a Nice Day by Derek Greenberg
  4. [lyrics]Better Together (Toshi Hoo cover) by Duane Gayle
  5. [lyrics]Dali LamHUH, wait what? by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Broke Down in Bakersfield by Gregg M. Pasterick
  7. [lyrics]DON'T BELIEVE by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Jimbo at the Rave by Junie
  9. [lyrics]when I tell (artemis robison cover) by mathias
  10. [lyrics]Electric Dreams by Paul Ivey

Feb 22

  1. [lyrics]Winter Ball (Phillip Rosenberg cover) by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]more (mathias cover) by Derek Greenberg
  3. [lyrics]Grumpy Ole Man (Steve Bell Cover) by Chris Greacen
  4. [lyrics]The Border (Peter Johnson Cover) by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Today (mathias cover) by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]Lousy with Drowsy (Darin Wilson Cover) by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Universal Human Needs (Chris Greacen cover) by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]IN THE CLEAR (mathias cover) by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]LONG WAY ROUND (Junie cover) by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]Gentle, Gentle (Paul Ivey cover) by Junie
  11. [lyrics]Unwritten [Duane Gayle cover] by Paul Ivey
  12. [lyrics]Something to Give (Toshi Hoo cover) by Peter Johnson
  13. [lyrics]The Haunting 2: Electric Boogaloo (Derek Greenberg cover) by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)

Feb 21

  1. [lyrics]Tweaker Boy by Darin Wilson
  2. [lyrics]For Good by Daniel Berkman
  3. [lyrics]Stuck in a Rut by Derek Greenberg
  4. [lyrics]Echoes by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Estar en La Luna by Gregg M. Pasterick
  6. [lyrics]WHO SHOULD I COVER by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]BLACK SOCKS by Junie
  8. [lyrics]more by mathias
  9. [lyrics]Les Objets by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]Reach Down by Peter Johnson
  11. [lyrics]Forestville (live) by