Colors of the Rainbow

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by: Seth Freeman
uploaded: 02/22/2010
 Song a Day!  Sounds easy, right?  (that's a joke)

But seriously, I'm actually one of those people that has always been prolific.  
However, I usually don't write complete songs in one day.  I'll write 40, 60, or 
even 80 percent of a song, but 100 percent? not usually.  I usually get lazy 
after the first verse / chorus.  And then, if I do write an entire song, I don't 
usually record it "professionally" that same day.  And I certainly don't share it 
out on all the interwebs for everyone to critiquify  ... certainly not that very 

The first year, I did it.  That was 2008.  Somehow my friend Chris' project just 
hit me the right way at the right time (right between the eyes) and I was on it!  

The second year, I attempted it.  I did not even write a song every two days 
that year.  I was too caught up in other projects, most of them creative music 
projects, so I was not complaining!

This year, I think I wrote a song a day for five or six days.  I diligently 
recorded and uploaded the first (or second) song, and then I got lazy.  See, I 
had been recording them while walking the dogs onto my super modern 
digital answering machine from 1996.  Let me explain ...

I am busy.  Seriously busy.  So busy that the folks at the local coffee shop 
think I’ve been out of town for a month.  So holed up that the doctor told me 
I need to take vitamin D supplements!  Too busy to listen to Jeff’s mp3’s!  
Too busy to mix those Nadeya cowrites!  Too busy to pay the gas bill!  So 
busy that my parents’ snide remark about how busy I am is actually dead-on 
(and I’m not lying, mom and dad and dad)!  So fucking busy that I just do not 
have the time to check the grammar on this blog that nobody will ever read!  
So busy that I will not even think twice about the fact that I just cursed and 
my daughter’s preschool teacher might read it.  So busy that I really don’t 
care if other people who really are actually busy for real might judge me for 
being a spoiled little whiny little primadonna.

So, I’m busy.  Get it?  

So I decided to write the songs while walking the dogs.  This is a brilliant 
idea!  Way to go, me!  If I walk the dogs by myself, without any other person 
walking with me, without my cell phone glued to my ear, without my worries 
about the world, my life, my family, etc., plaguing me, I actually can write a 
song in 25 minutes while out on a stroll with my dogs.  No joke.  (I’m 
bragging right now, for anybody still reading this boring-ass blog.)  Yes, I’m 
bragging, and I am making no bones about it – I love it!  AND I love me for 
loving it!  (Now I’m bragging about bragging.)

Anyway, when I’m done walking the dogs, I do not have time to record the 
music that I just wrote (because I’m busy, remember?) and if I don’t record it, 
I will forget it, because my mind is just like that, see?  I don’t know why, or I 
do and I don’t want to tell you, or I’m saving it for another awesome blog!  
So, to record it, I use my super-brilliant SMART-FONE.  Right?


I do not have an iPhone, or a Blackberry, or anything remotely approximating 
a PDA.  For all my technical prowess (you can laugh, it's ok), I have not yet 
fully realized my vision of having that super-specialized one-size-fits-all 
super-device connected via satellite to my RAID-5 datastore backup cloud 
spanning five galaxies.  Instead, I have a cheap-ass flip-fone that I dropped 
in the toilet two months ago so it is lacking about 95% of its original 
functionality, which granted was pretty much a total laughingstock of a cell 
phone in the first place.

Ok, so cool, now I have these five or so brilliant songs recorded into my 
digital answering machine!  What happens next?  Read on, read on, …

In an attempt to reduce hum while recording a guitar track, I flipped the 
switch for the lights circuit, and at the same time accidentally switched off 
the circuit my answering machine was plugged into! No battery in the 
machine.  It’s digital.  Two years less modern and there’d be a tape to 
retrieve the data.  Ouch.  I'd say at least two songs are gone.  

No big deal, right?  There's a new song every day, at the very least, right?  

True.  However, it took the wind out of my sails a bit.  Plus, I have been 
spending the rest of my time either producing other artists, writing with 
other writers, or flashing my hoo-ha on the corner to make a few bucks (ok 
that last part is not true, but I’ve been tempted – haven’t we all?  Work with 
me here, people!  Don’t make me feel even more ridiculous!).

Fast forward a couple weeks.  Here I am, with at least a couple songs that I 
really did write this month, finally ready to get over it and just post whatever 
the heck I’ve got with no regard whatsoever to quality of song or recording.  I 
am ready to just give in.

So, I now present to you a song I recorded earlier in the month as a little 
performance for my friend Dan, whose record I’m producing, at the start of 
our session.  I was just getting it down on tape before moving on to the next 

On this particular dog walk, there was a surreal double rainbow stretched 
across the sky and the LA River was raging as if it were the Rio Grande or the 
Colorado.  I was inspired.  This song materialized out of thin air.  I hope you 
enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the meandering soliloquy leading up to it.

Love, Seth
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