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by: seela
uploaded: 02/04/2014
Oh, Little One, Ive got nothing to offer
I call, you come fetch a pail of fresh water
Im a target, youre a target every single day

Oh, Little One, keep me in your prayers nightly
School uniform shining in my mind brightly
I get ready, you get ready every single day
Im unsteady. Guilt confetti. Every single day

Ive got lots to say I dont write down
I can take a drive across my town and see your face all around

I need cover, you need cover every single day
my faith flutters, my hope suffers every single day

Oh, Little One, if you knew the time I've wasted 
Loosening my tongue with complains and gifts hated
Im off target, youre off target every single day
Im a blessing, youre a blessing every single day

Oh, Little One!   
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