Hardest Part (sorry...got the title wrong...)

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/05/2015
video confession is a stupid thing you're another year older, you brave little cocktail king and Yucca, Arizona is a stupid place with your tiny little tshirts in your broke suitcase Counting off the minutes aint the hardest part Just ask the lonely airhead with the neon heart They'll call you out to pasture as if you're to blame as if you've got sons and daughters who don't got names sunset. door step. I'm not letting up you look like a baby when you're lying like a rug Highway to driveway take an airplane home if a fight is gonna happen lets not waste it on the phone Video confession is a stupid thing so you tie your ancient Honda to my apron strings Waitint on your footsteps aint the hardest part its taking out the stitches from your bullish heart    
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Hardest Part (sorry...got the title wrong...)
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