Disney Cruise

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by: Derek Greenberg
uploaded: 02/17/2015
I lost a bet with the Devil
I thought I could not lose
My punishment was a
Two week Disney cruise

I begged him to take my soul
He said, "I have bad news, I'm
Sending you on a Disney Cruise"

Each night they serenade me 
With classic Disney tunes
My state room's filled to bursting
With Mickey Mouse balloons

The color scheme is cheerful
The staff is very kind
And I'm about to lose my mind

Ten meals I'm eating daily
The food is kinda great
But now I'm gaining lots of weight

The sounds of laughing children
It makes me so upset
One night I jumped overboard
They caught me in a net

Each day I wear my mouse ears
That go well with my tux
This punishment really sucks.

So never bet the Devil
Or you will surely lose
And end up on a Disney Cruise.
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