Something Good Now

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/01/2020
 Something Good Now

It's plain to see in perfect weather
Rolling down the hills of heather
Your eyes on something good now

And wonder how you've all been faring
And wonder where the one is wearing glasses 
On your eyes on something good now

Other scenes are weird and scary
Leaving others cold and wary
Your eyes on something good now 

Winter calls and voices carry 
Summer memories are merry 
Your eyes on something good now
Is it good now? 

Pretend there's nothing but good now
A house of Norwegian Wood house
Where we can all live and be happy

Take a walk with no shoes
On a fabulous cruise, wow
Where we can all float and be happy

So when Feb 1 falls on a Saturday, I will break out a few mics and amps 
and try the full-band thing. Experimented with the Ceriatone for those 
loud guitars. 

Written and recorded in one day for the 2020 Song-A-Day adventure  
Tagses: band, ceriatone, guitar, bass, drums (we can link these up later)

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Something Good Now
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