Road Less Traveled

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/02/2020
Road Less Traveled I broke down and wept when we took a turn for the worse in the Chevy It's the fuzzy clutch and the loaded dice that blurred all our vision of it And we just lost our shit when he up and pulled off the road for a paper. Took a bag of bills and the coffee swill and turned on his heel to say... Don't look away Till you spend a day On the road less traveled And here this takes us now to a hole that we wish was a whole lot bigger But for sun and shade and the Minute Made and the wreck that our guy couldn't steer And all that's left is ash and stones and the ringing of the bell from the new year And the pointed stripes in yellow and white that tint straight away from here Don't look away Till you spend a day On the road less traveled Written and recorded in about a day for the 2020 Song-A-Day adventure Ok so I noodled the hell out of this thing. Somehow my preamp was working in a funny way where even If I set the fader to -infinity I still heard signal - if I pegged it at +999 it was still the same level. Thanks focusrite. Anyway- whatever was going on was like the exact right amount of juice, so I just went with it. Fender Lead || -> Ceriatone S.O.Y -> greenbacks -> large cap condenser -> broke-ass focusrite...  
Tagses: rock, band, rockband, chevy, minute made (we can link these up later)

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Road Less Traveled
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