Say Stop (India ink and watercolor)

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/02/2020
Her beliefs were now sundered 
regarding the words and hands placement
Is this negotiation, she wondered,
Backed up against the casement

"Why is he so persistent, or from another
view, why cant I be clearer?"
No one would claim the mood was reflective
And her eyes are not a mirror

How does she say stop,
It's not in his vocabulary
She thought they shared a common goal
These steps seem so contrary

The passenger seat is not the
Best of halls to preach in
"I don't know how", she cries,
"How to reach him "

Together in sweet harmony,
Must be better than solo
For a number of reasons
The part he takes is the Low

Why wont she say stop
It's not in her vocabulary
The altar seemed a fine goal
Now these steps seem so contrary

Blackmail's such an ugly word
And burglary is imprecise 
They totter on the balance between 
Real hell and false paradise
And yet they'll never stop
Its not in their vocabulary
Dashing hopes on marble tiles 
In spirit of the contrary.     

Written and Recorded (obviously) in one day for the 2020 Song-A-Day challenge.   
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Say Stop (India ink and watercolor)
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