Had It Any Way

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/03/2020
 Had It Any Way

You made your bed, could have had it any way
You dug your grave, could have made it anyway
Picked your card, could have had it any way
Write the book and could have had it any way
Wrote the ending anyway 

You hit the gas and could have burned it all away
Pulled the plug could have drained it any way
Filled the hole, could have hid it all away
You wrote the letter, could have had it any way
Wrote the ending anyway

Had It Any Way

Could have cleaned the mess and put it all away
Could have saved that dress for a better day
Now we hold our breath till we go away
Will we pull our hair out till the tufts are grey
Well, it's gone anyway. 

Had It Any Way

Written and recorded in about 2 hours for the 2020 Song-A-Day extravaganza 

Tagses: anyway, band, ceriatone, (we can link these up later)

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