I'm Smoking Again

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/04/2020
 I was hanging out with Eddie 
I should not have gone 
Because hanging out with Eddie 
Something sure to go wrong

First I lost my wallet 
then my glasses broke
The only good thing about Eddie is 
he always has a smoke

And Im smoking again
I said that I was through
I made a big announcement
No can do
Took a deep breath
File up my lungs
The song has done sung
Im smoking again

My first smoke came from a stranger
The second one from a friend
The third smoke from a store
Im smoking again

But despite all proclamations
Despite better sense
I dont need a lecture
I am smoking again

I could blame Eddie
But I know its on me
You give a person two eyes
And still they cannot see

Waking up in the morning
It feels like the end
It smells like a chunk of charcoal
Im smoking again

*written/ recorded in one day for Song-a-Day  
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