Kentucky Show Business

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/10/2020
Put rhinestones on the venetian blinds I cant tell if the sun is shining or if the tanning lamp has gone to my mind I cant tell if shes got the natural gas Or if she needs to go back to the mine Kentucky show business Eating dinner with your Russian bride Kentucky show business Show a little blue grass pride In Frankfort theyre crying in their cornflakes I dont know what theyre teaching in these schools I had to take a hike on the workout bike The exception has become the rule Kentucky show business Bourbon & bbq Kentucky show business Well, What can you do? Sitting here watching the river flow Downwind from several smokestacks And its said for those who leave Most come back Train full of meat on way to the slaughter And my Clementine has been spending more time with a so-called friend Graffiti on a truck says beer cheese, baby Im so sick of Kentucky Im never gonna try my luck in Kentucky again Kentucky show business Told off by a child with a dirty mouth Kentucky show business East is West and North is South Kentucky show business And i have some shit for sale Kentucky show business Because Im going to hit the trail *written/ recorded in one day for song-a-day  
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Kentucky Show Business
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