Today's Noise

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/11/2020
 I happened upon an angry scene
Walking by the gun range
Cars in the street were honking in the heat 
Waiting for a light to change

Word has spread about a mother load
Everyone checking the score
Temperature is rising 
I suppose its going to rise some more 

Todays noise
Trying to cut through
Trying to get through to you
Dont know what else I can do
Without losing my voice
I dont want to get lost
In todays noise 

They were freaking out in Fairytale Land
In the hot seat they were starting to wiggle
I picked up the pace intent to leave this place
Could feel the lose change in my pocket jiggle

People getting more impatient
People getting more annoyed
Dont know what else to say, I could go all day
Some people you just have to avoid

Todays noise&

I knew I couldnt outrun it forever 
So I tried to hide behind a tree 
And before I got wise I realized 
Todays noise already took ahold of me 

Todays noise&

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