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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/13/2020
So you went from an unhappy home to no home at all seems like everywhere you go youre walking along a thin line Hustlin and busting ass begging for a bone Eye contact and out of mind Its tough out there when youre feeling unaligned Time, whatever, its a royal beat down Eventually put us all in a resting place Walking around the job fair with a brave face Down to your last twenty bucks and desperate to not look like life sucks People be kind, life is hard when youre unaligned Spending my last hilltop dollars down at the Hard Luck Club I know its not smart but theres a hole in my heart and I cant bear another snub Got a job going door to door with a petition to sign But truth be told I feel so unaligned Its hard to be hopeful when you feel unaligned *written/ recorded for song-a-day  
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