Plastic Flowers

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/14/2020
The happy hippie florist is jumping on this Hallmark Holiday Good vibes are spreading all around But the thought of romance brings Joe the Plumber down He holds on to his wallet and frowns Plastic flowers money trees No worrying about water and honeybees Environmental catastrophes Joe the Plumber says thats a bummer Joe the Plumber doesnt stop to smell the roses The happy florist goes about her day But Joe wonders what the happy hippy might say Hed kind of like to ask her out Plastic flowers never die They never cheat they never lie They really have come a long way Wear a Hawaiian shirt like a change of season Wrangler jeans and every reason To flirt with the gal who also has dirt under her nails It just seems elemental Get a couple bikes from a rental Go for a happy hippy hike or even a sail&!! Joe woke up from this daydream Underneath someones house in a crawlspace His only plan is to go home and wash with industrial soap Eat a frozen dinner smoke dope Plastic flowers never fade Keep their power in the shade But its not enough power to get you laid Plastic flowers Its not enough power to get you laid Need more power to get laid *written/recorded for song a day.  
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Plastic Flowers
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