Throwing Darts In the Dark

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/15/2020
I knew a guy named Guy He got high on his own supply He owned a bar Off an old back road It was supposed to be a sports bar A place to watch hockey games But he never could find the remote control When people came There were a few skeletons Sitting on barstools Weeds were growing Out of an old swimming pool I remember good times, back in the day But it had crumbled into this Guy was running out of money He was losing his business There would be no tears Eyes were dry If not cracked, faces bloated The scene would make you sigh First there was a smell Then there were the roaches Guy wouldnt motivate With 100 Bar Rescue coaches In the cluttered office There was a pile of unopened mail Bill collectors were calling To no avail Well, Guy lost his bite But he still had his bark He shot out the lights and spent the last night Throwing darts in the dark Dont let the good times Squeeze out your spark It can lead you into sorrows Like throwing darts in the dark  
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Throwing Darts In the Dark
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