Can We Hang Without Larry?

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/17/2020
He eats loudly Speaks with his mouth full Insults everybody Hes full of bull Hate to judge But, come on, no one needs it You dont tame a monster By continuing to feed it Larry is so contrary, counter-evolutionary Golly dang Can we hang without Larry? (bang, bang) Thats what Id like to do to Larry Imagine hanging out Having a good time Joking and laughing Not treated like slimeball Oh, Larry is a fink He doesnt get jokes Hes just not part the wheel Hes a stick in the spokes Its like sour sanctuary, a poison ivy berry Golly dang, can we just once hang without Larry? (bang, bang) Larry Larry is rude Larry is a mess Pre-Larry, post-Larry I can do without the stress We can go with Sally We can go with Jim Id prefer the Tasmanian Devil Over him Who wants to go level with Larry? Because Larry gets scary And hes right outside creeping around Dont let him wear your defenses down Hold the line, hold the line& Turn out the lights, lock the door& *written/recorded in one day for song-a-day.  
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Can We Hang Without Larry?
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