You Know

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/24/2020
You know as I review the agenda 
I notice that many folks
have attended this meeting in the past 
who no longer show

You know, Scope has crept and gone
We don't know why we're here
call in the officers
i want to see the cabinet

you know, I need validation and to remind all who is in charge of 

You know The dog will eat anything
Dog food, cat food, veggies and fruit
wood, plastic...and he eats it so fast
We watch his crap for clues

You know, The driveway is made of rock that used to 
crumble and make noise but 
now 3 years later they are embedded in the earth
and rolling over them is smooth like concrete

You know, I just thought I'd mention that to remind all who is monitoring the 
the driveway

You know the mail man is a postal carrier now
The stewardess is a flight attendant
I'm board and tired and wonder when was the moment
in my wonderful life
That I lost interest in Hockey?

You know it's been 36 years since I 
slipped on the ice and broke my back
Thought it was a heart attack
But that's another song from another time

You know... 
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You Know
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