Time and Time Again

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/26/2020
Going round and round (Time and time again) Sideways upside down (Time and time again) Been lost, been found (Time and time again) Get to the end turn around (Time and time again) Good things happening (Time and time again) Goes by so fast looking past (Time and time again) Refill a loving cup Keep it fresh, all stirred up Running into you& (Time and time again) Life will kill you Yes it will Deal you dirty A bitter pill Steal you right down Another notch Count you right out Like a watch Gotta stand up Gotta live it Gotta work it Gotta give it So what you want So what you got So what you need Show your thoughts You might see Or maybe not Words remembered Then forgot Find a meaning Lose the plot Indeed, this has been happening a lot Time and time again (round and round) Time and time again (round and round) Time and time again (round and round) Time and time again *written/ recorded in one day for song-a-day.  
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Time and Time Again
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