Outside Looking In

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/27/2020
Progressive Regressive The shaping of platitudes A statement of fictions The gaming of attitude The salt of the cult A simple life in sales Cheap sushi, yeah All you can eat whale Meteorologist apologist Theology slave The heros journey Anonymous graves Outsource thinking Sucking up to a judge Passive aggressive Feeling the grudge The hive mind can be a tricky business Especially combined with technology sickness Falling behind with a mental thickness When youre stranded on the outside looking in Poetic lip service Chaos control Freedom freeways Taxes and tolls Mind in the gutter Head in the clouds Truth in a costume Face in a shroud Just doing the job Keyboard correction Robotic romance Natural selection Think for yourself Question authority Dont tell me what to do Command superiority Go with the majority Be yourself unique Carefully creative Carelessly critiqued Deconstruction disorder Designing a mess Faithful certainty An overeducated guess Shop till you drop And do the Bop There is a spill in isle six Im holding the mop *written/ recorded in one day for song-a-day.  
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Outside Looking In
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