Let's Shoot the Moon!

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/29/2020
Anne and Joe are in the car Driving to the sea Life spread out in front of them So much they will be Watching birds and clouds and waves Making all their plans Endless strings of future days Stretch across the sand Anne says to Joe, Look up in the sky That's a place that we could go, a place that we could fly But I'm content to hold you here in my arms on the dunes We'll keep each other safe from harm Make love in the afternoons And we'll build a giant balloon Let's shoot the moon! Anne and Joe are on the road Driving 'cross the land Girls and oranges in the back Future firm in hand Summer breezes, winter snows Miles and miles behind Miles further yet to go Destination undefined Anne says to Joe, look up in the sky That's the place we thought to go, a place that we would fly But I'm content to travel the highways with you Let's park the car and look for stars It's gonna be night time soon We're building our giant balloon Let's shoot the moon! Flowers swaying in the grass Branches in the wind A million heartbeats now have passed He looks at her and grins Joe says to Anne, look up in the sky That's the place I'll wait for you, the place that we will fly And every night you'll know that I'm still watching over you Travel on until the dawn Do things that you want to do But don't be in a hurry, love, there's still plenty of time I have to say, it's a beautiful day I feel I can finally fly I'm your midnight and you're my noon You're my dish and I'm your spoon And we built an amazing balloon We shot the moon! Written February 2, 2020. Recorded February 29, 2020 Copyright © 2020 Ray E. Toler, Jr. All rights reserved. www.raytoler.com    
Tagses: pop (we can link these up later)

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Let's Shoot the Moon!
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