Mysterious Math of Dogs

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by: Dave Panx
uploaded: 02/05/2021
we were cruising along with our little black dog, he's such a jaunty boy. then a friend got sick, asked can you watch my dog, and we said it'd be a joy. what we didn't know is the simple truth, one plus one doesn't equal two. when you add one dog to another dog, 1000 dogs have you. it's a 1000 times the barking and 1000 times the begging, it's more than you can chew. it's 1000 dogs competing and 1000 a feeding, there's so much more to do. if you think this song is shitty, well it's just a little ditty from what's left of our meager fumes. 'cause there is no rest and you do your best, when 1000 dogs have you.  
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Mysterious Math of Dogs
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