This is your Brain on Love

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by: Dave Panx
uploaded: 02/12/2021
I call your name from down the hall, it feels so itchy and tight You ran errands and left me alone, so now I’m starting a fight You need space to do your insanity, its gotta be all your own I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, I never feel like I’m home You’re an island and I’m a wave I crash into and you wash away ‘Cause you’re an island and I’m a wave I used to beg for a little attention, I’m tending ancient wounds sometimes you’re overwhelmed by connection, you’re healing bruises too You used to secretly shore up everything, so there would be no debate Now our magic flows in tandem ways, when we collaborate This is your brain on Love. You awaken oh so early and kiss my head before you go I come to bed hours after you, I sneak in like a ghost I sense your need to do your own thing, it really isn’t that much When you return, you hold me close to you, I melt in your touch You are my island I’m your wave I crash into you and still you stay ‘Cause you’re my island and I’m your wave      
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This is your Brain on Love
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