Tiny (Lazy almost cover of Teenie by Junie)

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by: Jeff Kellem
uploaded: 02/22/2021
Quick improv around "Teenie" by Junie with the original beginning and ending. Had more ideas to play with but it's late. Felt between the piano hammers and strings, adding to the extra strings being rung. Fandrich & Sons 130V vertical piano. ujam Finisher NEO, cableguys Shaperbox 2, Logic Pro, iZotope Ozone 9, and iZotope RX 8 (for quick room noise cleanup). Recorded in much less than a day for Song-A-Day 2021. http://songaday.netscrap.com/    
Tagses: cover, instrumental, piano (we can link these up later)

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Tiny (Lazy almost cover of Teenie by Junie)
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