Robot Cat

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/01/2022
Robot cat can’t tell the difference How about that cat indifference? I can’t tell where your head is at… I swear there is trouble everywhere It’s high time to find a cat who cares Robot Cat The rumors are true the joke is on you Household cats just do what they want to That is that They disappear for hours Better clean the cat box stat! A robot cat you can program to skiddley-scat…! Yeah – love and affection Oh yeah – companionship connection No furballs – it has it all!! Robot Cat Rats best be on high alert Listen up Dogbert I know a cat lived in a laundromat Hopped on a Greyhound bus hid beneath the driver’s cowboy hat Oh the fuss, jumpin’ jive! My last cat went outside and got eaten alive But my robot cat it thrives Robot cat Are you ready for some of this and some of that? Let’s go now Meow… wow meow!  
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Robot Cat
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