YEARS (Grey and Hanks)

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by: Pure Moods
uploaded: 02/02/2022
…really do much because it’s a global pandemic Hope we make it to the end of this but why I can’t remember So let PUREMOODS go Memento check my notes in the mirror dears Difficult to recall like Guy…PIERCE I think it all started back 2020 Feb First trip with the new baby to meet FL family canceled Then came the BREAD flour — 50 pounds delivered A crate of of similac a life without toilet paper See me washing cans of tuna spraying mail by the moonlight Thrills of having fun at home let’s make a special date night Cocktails at 5:30 on the porch don’t be late Cooking more at home house projects what’s to hate Nothiing yet We’re lucky as fuck Just be alive By this time two years from now dear souls who we love have died So…how long you really think-this-thing goes on Six weeks—years six months—years So how long do you really think-this-thing-goes-on Six weeks—years man six months—years dude  
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YEARS (Grey and Hanks)
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