Intro / Outro

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/03/2022
Intro/ outro Where does the soul go? Through the routine, through the routine Intro/ outro Where does the time go? With and without rhyme and reason My oh my You must be high to be painting the sky so blue Blaming the tools, gaming the rules it’s all askew Intro/ outro Why does the wind blow? I don’t know why I even care (for beauty beyond compare) Intro/ outro And when I feel low I just want to get out of there My oh my If never try you won’t know the struggle is real If don’t question why you you’ve closed your eyes to half the deal And you’re swept up in anger You’re getting carried away Intro/ outro Spider on the window Man needs a machine to fly Intro/ outro Up and down the row You live your whole life and then you die My oh my The disconnect pulls you in directions so shallow Getting mad as heck and "a check is a check" says the hangman at the gallows    
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Intro / Outro
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