Ballad of the Troll

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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/07/2022
One last scan of the battleground Reveals one final obstacle Is it legion or individual A coiled spring on the hunt For anywhere to cause an affront They all lead the same way And you took up the challenge to have your say Is it symptom or is it the cause of this? If we beat it down will it just come straight back In another place it only wants an audience to call on, comment on, troll on I'd like to think if we met in person The human side would give us far more grace I want us to be ok, maybe that's naivete Each to their own is fine in principle But practicalities block the way How can you be sure that they're not right Maybe it's a world that can't ignore Standard tuning, capo 3; a rare stripped down effort!  
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Ballad of the Troll
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