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by: Maria T
uploaded: 02/15/2022
What do you think when you see me? Do you want to connect or roll with the fantasy? I'm not afraid to be direct I bet you didn't expect that My powers of observation are pretty strong You've been playing a game of hide and seek all along I'm fine with this situation I've got an active imagination If you're only looking, tell me that's what you're doing So I can make the best use of my time here I don't need drama brewin' if you're only looking Can I make myself any more clear? --- Tuning: Standard Gear: Supro Delta King 8, Squier Jazzmaster, Squier Mustang Bass, Reuss Recidivist EQ/OD, EQD Monarch OD, EHX Stereo Trem, Bearfoot FX Arctic White Fuzz  
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