Wonderland [Live w/This Stellar Madness; orig-SaD21-2-26]

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/16/2022
Fifty-one and one-half weeks ago, Me and Mox put together this one for Song-a-Day. (See: SaD 21-2-26 for the original work and lyrics.) It had immediately seemed like a possible contender to add a different color to our band's setlist amongst all the much heavier vibe that's been developed in the past few years; something of the original flavor for This Stellar Madness, but from a more experienced place. Well, TSM will be going through some major changes very soon, including a brand-new name, as we we navigate these pandemish times where we just dealt with our second cancelled show. But, in the meantime, we're still in the studio every week working on new stuff while trying to remember all the old stuff. This recording from this week's rehearsal is our first full run-through of Wonderland. We're still working out our weird angular shifts and dynamics, but are pretty excited to play this someday soon for sweaty, screaming humans in between all our new epic nonsense. And also, Nicole, our bassist, really pushed to do this one, so hopefully we'll also be able to add her amazing vocal harmonies into the mix next week. Since I can't seem to get anywhere with anything this year, I thought I'd share something of what Song-a-Day can be in the other eleven months. Half our setlist has come from these weird February days and the deranged SaD drive to just finish... something... anything... Here's the second phase of one of those mad-dashes with a little collaboration amongst equally-mad friends who are still banging it out together for the walls of our studio...            
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Wonderland [Live w/This Stellar Madness; orig-SaD21-2-26]
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