Beetlejuice, 3rd time? (Chris Greacen Cover)

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by: Jeff Kellem
uploaded: 02/16/2022
Wait, what happens on the 3rd time? Uh-oh! Just a quick and rough, one-time play-through. No real plan, just a rough idea while fingers obviously wanted to explore elsewhere, too. Perhaps I should've played it through once or twice. Modartt Pianoteq 7 (Vintage Tines Mk II, think Rhodes Mark II), Logic Pro, iZotope Ozone 9, FabFilter Pro-Q 3. Written and recorded during part of a day for the 2022 Song-A-Day project. Copyright 2022 Jeff Kellem. All rights reserved.    
Tagses: electric piano, piano, cover, rhodes, instrumental (we can link these up later)

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Beetlejuice, 3rd time? (Chris Greacen Cover)
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