Frustrated Olympian

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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/23/2022
My first duet with myself... Thanks again to Beth who nudged inspiration Do you wanna go curling? Yeah I wanna go curling Where can I go curling? Do you live in Northern Ireland? No That's good because you can't curl there Do you live in Wales? Not really. Can we curl there? Well there is a place but for 2 years it's been a Covid centre Huh You could go in Scotland, there's loads there They seem to do it in every village I don't live in Scotland you prat So I guess you wanna go curling in England? Yes, please Well, you've a choice of three. Are you down south? No Are you up north? No Well then, go to Cambridge OK. When? There's a place that does it two hours a week Really? Huh I suppose I'll stick to cricket then I wouldn't, it's going to rain all the time Besides in twenty years sport will be impossible in the climate In twenty years I'll be 60 and only want to play bowls or something Your local bowls club just folded You really don't know when to stop, do you? Sorry You don't sound it I guess I'll go back to playing golf on the playstation then The internets gonna die. Power outages everywhere Well, fuck you!    
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Frustrated Olympian
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