2020 Song-A-Day
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2020 Song-A-Day

355 songs so far:

Feb 29

  1. [lyrics]Out With a Whimper by ChrisLody
  2. [lyrics]Until Next Year by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Neckbeard by Derek Greenberg
  4. [lyrics]Last One by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]And A Good Day To You by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Come On Over by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]We All Have Bad Days by Chris Greacen
  8. [lyrics]nice by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]Super Tuesday VOTE!! by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]e for effort by mathias
  11. [lyrics]Phobia by Peter Johnson
  12. [lyrics]Václava by Ray Toler
  13. [lyrics]Let's Shoot the Moon! by Ray Toler
  14. [lyrics]High Stakes / Cheap Steakhouse by Jonny Mac
  15. [lyrics]Where I Began by Taran Gray

Feb 28

  1. [lyrics]Haven of Doubts by aeio
  2. [lyrics]New Friends by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Mouth by Esme D
  4. [lyrics]How Come I End Up Where I Started by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Hangnails by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]Your Arms by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]coronavirus sell off by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Mind, body, heart, soul by Peter Johnson
  9. [lyrics]Poem Machine by Jonny Mac
  10. [lyrics]No Time To Die by Taran Gray

Feb 27

  1. [lyrics]Set to Boil by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Unsettled by Esme D
  3. [lyrics]Boom Boom Clap Clap by Frank Lewis
  4. [lyrics]All Over by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Dingus McGees by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]Don't Go to Sleep by Paul Ivey
  7. [lyrics]Empty by Peter Johnson
  8. [lyrics]Outside Looking In by Jonny Mac
  9. [lyrics]Dandelions by Taran Gray

Feb 26

  1. [lyrics]Quite by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Radio Scanning by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]I Won't (Lazy Noodling Instrumental Cover of Chris Greacen's Carry On) by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Spiral by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Hissy Noisy Messy by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]Abstract Heart by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Naked In Bed by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]never-ending day by Paul Ivey
  9. [lyrics]13 1/2 by Peter Johnson
  10. [lyrics]Time and Time Again by Jonny Mac
  11. [lyrics]A Damn Waste Of Time by Taran Gray
  12. [lyrics]We Ride Tonight, Ghost Horses by W

Feb 25

  1. [lyrics]Out The Box by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Another Frantic Day by Esme D
  3. [lyrics]I Wish I Never by Frank Lewis
  4. [lyrics]Never Wanted It To End by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Coronavirus by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]green by Paul Ivey
  7. [lyrics]yellow by Paul Ivey
  8. [lyrics]orange by Paul Ivey
  9. [lyrics]red by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]purple by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]blue by Paul Ivey
  12. [lyrics]Crown Jewels Processional by Peter Johnson
  13. [lyrics]Sad Reality Show by Jonny Mac
  14. [lyrics]Graduation Day by Taran Gray
  15. [lyrics]For A Minute There, I Lost Myself by W

Feb 24

  1. [lyrics]Tricky Weather by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Cheese Mode by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]150 Seconds Too Long (not quite a cover of Esme D's Back to 30 Seconds by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Without A Word by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Dig by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]Back to 30 Seconds by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Don't Forget Me by Frank Lewis
  8. [lyrics]We Take It For Granted by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]You Know by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]The Long Haul by Peter Johnson
  11. [lyrics]Ask Me About My Midlife Crisis by Jonny Mac
  12. [lyrics]Me and You by Taran Gray
  13. [lyrics]Maybe You'll Be President, But You'll Know Right From Wrong by W

Feb 23

  1. [lyrics]Woven by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Styloscape by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Guess What I Got? by Esme D
  4. [lyrics]Seems So Simple by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Chaos Makers by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]It Ain't Easy by Jupiter Wilson
  7. [lyrics]Capo 8 finger-exhausting thing by Peter Johnson
  8. [lyrics](Say Hey) When You Get Back This Way by Jonny Mac
  9. [lyrics]In The Distance by Taran Gray
  10. [lyrics]A Perfect Child Facsimile by W
  11. [lyrics]You Can Force It, But It Will Not Come by W

Feb 22

  1. [lyrics]Glint in the Dark by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Sorry Not Sorry by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Bloomberg Klobuchar (Jonathan Aronson cover) by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]To An Old Friend (Peter Johnson cover) by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]If You're Mine Tonight (Taran Gray cover) by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]No words by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Oh Pitta by Frank Lewis
  8. [lyrics]Graveyard Shuffle - (Taran Gray cover) by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]Choking [Taran Gray Cover] by Paul Ivey
  10. [lyrics]Robotic (Taran Gray cover) by Peter Johnson
  11. [lyrics]Don't Be Lame by Jonny Mac
  12. [lyrics]Looks Like Love (Paul Ivey cover) by Taran Gray

Feb 21

  1. [lyrics]Loving Disonnance by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Something Else Short by Esme D
  3. [lyrics]In Glasgow by Frank Lewis
  4. [lyrics]Jazz Penises by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]It's a long way to the top if you want to sell your soul by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]Forgotten Dream [with and feat. Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  7. [lyrics]It's No Surprise by Peter Johnson
  8. [lyrics]Food by Jonny Mac
  9. [lyrics]A little BIT OF MAGIC by Taran Gray

Feb 20

  1. [lyrics]interplay by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Radio Acid by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]The Large Stack Of Papers On My Desk by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Gibberish by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]We All Live In A Grey Oil Tanker by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Tie by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Turn Up the Quiet by Peter Johnson
  8. [lyrics]Taking a Break From the Spin Cycle by Jonny Mac
  9. [lyrics]Bury Me by Taran Gray

Feb 19

  1. [lyrics]Gossamer Stroll by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Soft Spoken by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Quick n Crappy (The 12 Hour Shift Song) by Esme D
  4. [lyrics]Did You See The Debate? by Jonathan Aronson
  5. [lyrics]genius by Paul Ivey
  6. [lyrics]You Might Think by Peter Johnson
  7. [lyrics]Heavy Music by Jonny Mac
  8. [lyrics]The City Of Dreams by Taran Gray

Feb 18

  1. [lyrics]Double Cross by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Low Grade Anxiety by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Hymn by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]slow down by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]Wet Train Rain Chords In A Row by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]3 out of 5 senses ain't bad by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]empyrean candy by Paul Ivey
  8. [lyrics]The Auto Mechanic by Peter Johnson
  9. [lyrics]My Robot Cannot Be Tamed by Jonny Mac
  10. [lyrics]Homesick by Taran Gray

Feb 17

  1. [lyrics]Worn Paper Heart by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Comms Down by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Not Escaping by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]I don't mind by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Kitsch Horror by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]Intro To FM Radio Repair by Frank Lewis
  7. [lyrics]Lemon Pie by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Raindrop Subplot [with and feat. Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  9. [lyrics]Can We Hang Without Larry? by Jonny Mac
  10. [lyrics]Choking by Taran Gray

Feb 16

  1. [lyrics]My Question by aeio
  2. [lyrics]D'n'B Lite by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Obi Wan Kenobi by Derek Greenberg
  4. [lyrics]Now Stuck on the 16th by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]Once Upon A Time by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Zima Joe and the White Claw Kid by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Toxic Boo (mixed media - flowers, ink on handmade paper) by Peter Johnson
  8. [lyrics]A Love Too Tangled To Unwind by Jonny Mac
  9. [lyrics]If You're Mine Tonight by Taran Gray
  10. [lyrics]I Think You're Crazy, Maybe by W
  11. [lyrics]Life Is So Important, When All You're Talking About Is Bombs by W
  12. [lyrics]Somewhere We Will Meet by W

Feb 15

  1. [lyrics]Dialogue of Phantoms by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Stylophunk by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]I'm Stuck on The 15th by Esme D
  4. [lyrics]My Intelligent Carrot by Frank Lewis
  5. [lyrics]Tug O War Doodle by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]bloomberg klobuchar by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Pride is the Only Sin (fabric, dye) by Peter Johnson
  8. [lyrics]Throwing Darts In the Dark by Jonny Mac
  9. [lyrics]Graveyard Shuffle by Taran Gray

Feb 14

  1. [lyrics]King Prodigal by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Interleave by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]time passing by by Esme D
  4. [lyrics]Presto Doodle by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Abigail by Jonathan Aronson
  6. [lyrics]ski trip by mathias
  7. [lyrics]Looks Like Love by Paul Ivey
  8. [lyrics]More (Collage, glitter, red paint) by Peter Johnson
  9. [lyrics]Plastic Flowers by Jonny Mac
  10. [lyrics]Rapping For The Hell Of It by Taran Gray

Feb 13

  1. [lyrics]Danger Ray by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Can Anyone Hear Me by Daniel Berkman
  3. [lyrics]solitude by Daniel Berkman
  4. [lyrics]anxiety by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]A-B Doodle by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]Where The Baby At? by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]Just Keep Running by Paul Ivey
  8. [lyrics]To an Old Friend (Still Life, oil on wood panel) by Peter Johnson
  9. [lyrics]Unaligned by Jonny Mac
  10. [lyrics]An Irish Drinking Song (feat. Nathan Nonhoff) by Taran Gray

Feb 12

  1. [lyrics]Subterranean Stomp by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Robots by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Lazily Destruct by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Every Single Month by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]When We Were kids by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Ampelmann by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Dark in New Hampshire by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]Taciturn by Junie
  9. [lyrics]Life Makes You by Peter Johnson
  10. [lyrics]They Know by Jonny Mac
  11. [lyrics]Sunnyside by Taran Gray

Feb 11

  1. [lyrics]Conveyance by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Universal Heat Death by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Frozen Lake by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Bad Mood Bad Music by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]Shake Da Boom Boom by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Ones and Ohs by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Distracting Myself by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]By the Water (bioinstallation) by Peter Johnson
  9. [lyrics]Today's Noise by Jonny Mac
  10. [lyrics]Elephant by Taran Gray

Feb 10

  1. [lyrics]Drunk on Elixir by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Woods and Dales (edit) by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Alien Funfair by Esme D
  4. [lyrics]A Kingdom Is Always A Kingdom by Frank Lewis
  5. [lyrics]Carry On by Chris Greacen
  6. [lyrics]Violets by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]MARCHIN ON by Kati Roberts
  8. [lyrics]SUBBY DREAM by Kati Roberts
  9. [lyrics]SOMETHING ON MY MIND by Kati Roberts
  10. [lyrics]be cirrus now by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Portrait Gallery by Peter Johnson
  12. [lyrics]Kentucky Show Business by Jonny Mac
  13. [lyrics]String Movement by Taran Gray

Feb 09

  1. [lyrics]Crazy Respite by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Pripyat by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Around the Corner (waltz) by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]On This Earth by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]Be Yourself - BLT - Rough Mix by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Kill The Lights by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Saturday by Jonathan Aronson
  8. [lyrics]I'm A Slytherin by Jupiter Wilson
  9. [lyrics]Devoted (acrylic & mixed media on canvas) by Peter Johnson
  10. [lyrics]Fever on a Full Moon by Jonny Mac
  11. [lyrics]Robotic by Taran Gray

Feb 08

  1. [lyrics]Cavalier by aeio
  2. [lyrics]With Apologies (Going Nowhere and Too Long) by Jeff Kellem
  3. [lyrics]Resolved by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Late Night Resonance (for Ondomo and Métallique) by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]Animal by Derek Greenberg
  6. [lyrics]The Long Walk by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Nice to See You by Frank Lewis
  8. [lyrics]What Would We Do by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]Hanova by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]In One With the Earth by Jupiter Wilson
  11. [lyrics]47.2 Blues by Junie
  12. [lyrics]A Paper Clip on Love Letters (selfie on celluloid. #filters) by Peter Johnson
  13. [lyrics]Set In My Ways by Jonny Mac
  14. [lyrics]Growing Old by Taran Gray

Feb 07

  1. [lyrics]Thread by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Two Finger Techno by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Coffee Break! by Darin Wilson
  4. [lyrics]Sunrise Sunset by Daniel Berkman
  5. [lyrics]let you get away by bigbravedog
  6. [lyrics]Sometimes by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Don't Admire Other Peoples Relationships by Frank Lewis
  8. [lyrics]Send to Space by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]If You Don't Stop It, You'll Go Blind by Gregg M. Pasterick
  10. [lyrics]US Space Force by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]punisher by mathias
  12. [lyrics]la semaine qui a été by Paul Ivey
  13. [lyrics]You Can Have My Time (wood panel, oil) by Peter Johnson
  14. [lyrics]Joe Dynamo by Jonny Mac
  15. [lyrics]Out Of My Head by Taran Gray

Feb 06

  1. [lyrics]Stock Footage by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Waiting For The Fear by Esme D
  3. [lyrics]The Silent One by Frank Lewis
  4. [lyrics]Sedentary Years by Chris Greacen
  5. [lyrics]Can I Have the Barn Key? by Gregg M. Pasterick
  6. [lyrics]Congress by Jonathan Aronson
  7. [lyrics]All Hands by Junie
  8. [lyrics]gémissant by Paul Ivey
  9. [lyrics]Next Romantic Tragedy (Be My Valentine): Oil on Canvas, 1947 by Peter Johnson
  10. [lyrics]Corporation by Jonny Mac
  11. [lyrics]Healing Time by Taran Gray

Feb 05

  1. [lyrics]Orbital Kite by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Ds-303 by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Arrival Prelude (hint) by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Sweet Dreams by Esme D
  5. [lyrics]Birdseye View by Frank Lewis
  6. [lyrics]Big If by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]Unhappy in Happy Camp by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]The Day That Truth Died by Jonathan Aronson
  9. [lyrics]state of the what by mathias
  10. [lyrics]animal [redux] by Paul Ivey
  11. [lyrics]Enemy Preaches Love Now (Mural:automobile paint and chalk) by Peter Johnson
  12. [lyrics]Married Thirty-Eight Years, They Died Together On a Jet Ski by Jonny Mac
  13. [lyrics]Moonlit by Taran Gray

Feb 04

  1. [lyrics]What it Took by aeio
  2. [lyrics]watcher by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Waiting for a Meeting by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Drop Back by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]i'm integrating by bigbravedog
  6. [lyrics]Daydreams - Featuring Mark Merrifield and Chris Lody by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Song A day, You Make Me Better by Frank Lewis
  8. [lyrics]Our Charmer by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]Maisie Likes to Eat Violets by Gregg M. Pasterick
  10. [lyrics]IOWA by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]I/O WHAT? by mathias
  12. [lyrics]anthesis by Paul Ivey
  13. [lyrics]I'm Smoking Again by Jonny Mac
  14. [lyrics]Loneliness by Taran Gray
  15. [lyrics]The Day The Banks Collapse On Us by W

Feb 03

  1. [lyrics]Penumbral by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Sun King (feat. Mark Merrifield & Esme on Plum Island) by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]Punchin' the Clock (not a song), I'll be back by Jeff Kellem
  4. [lyrics]Interlude by Darin Wilson
  5. [lyrics]Smiling Summaries by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]the mountain times by bigbravedog
  7. [lyrics]Late Night Alleyways by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Gorgon Eyes - (BLT - pre-release rough mix) by Frank Lewis
  9. [lyrics]Had It Any Way by Chris Greacen
  10. [lyrics]All the Old Gods Are Dying by Gregg M. Pasterick
  11. [lyrics]Lady and The Girl at the Restaurant (Explicit Language) by Jonathan Aronson
  12. [lyrics]When You Go by Kati Roberts
  13. [lyrics]Let's go caucussing! by mathias
  14. [lyrics]She Couldn't Wait Any Longer (Photograph) by Peter Johnson
  15. [lyrics]Sheltered Lives by Jonny Mac
  16. [lyrics]Flex by Taran Gray
  17. [lyrics]Not My Problem, Give Me Some by W

Feb 02

  1. [lyrics]Standalone by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Simple City by ChrisLody
  3. [lyrics]The Drift by ChrisLody
  4. [lyrics]Intro to Start by Jeff Kellem
  5. [lyrics]A Memory by Darin Wilson
  6. [lyrics]Groundhogs Day by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]trending by bigbravedog
  8. [lyrics]It's a Numbers Game by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Good Times Ahead by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]Road Less Traveled by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]These Ain't the Wonder Years No More by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]Bitter Raider Fan XI (Explicit Language) by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]shantell by Jonathan Larson
  14. [lyrics]Messing Around by Jupiter Wilson
  15. [lyrics]Ooooo by Junie
  16. [lyrics]February Funk by Kati Roberts
  17. [lyrics]DIRGE 4 WUHAN by mathias
  18. [lyrics]perihelion by Paul Ivey
  19. [lyrics]Say Stop (India ink and watercolor) by Peter Johnson
  20. [lyrics]Day Late, Dollar Short by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]When I Write My Manifesto by Jonny Mac
  22. [lyrics]Hypochondriac by Taran Gray
  23. [lyrics]I'm Too Busy To See You, You're Too Busy To Wait by W

Feb 01

  1. [lyrics]Light Attack Run by aeio
  2. [lyrics]Sleepy by Darin Wilson
  3. [lyrics]Welcome Song A Day 2020 by Derek Greenberg
  4. [lyrics]come at me broh by bigbravedog
  5. [lyrics]Test Face by Esme D
  6. [lyrics]Something Good Now by Chris Greacen
  7. [lyrics]This, Too, Shall Pass by Gregg M. Pasterick
  8. [lyrics]One by James Groft
  9. [lyrics]Calistoga by Jonathan Aronson
  10. [lyrics]I'm A Biscuit (Bad Guy PARODY) by Jupiter Wilson
  11. [lyrics]Get It Done Today by Junie
  12. [lyrics]WHY YOU MAKE ME SMILE by Kati Roberts
  13. [lyrics]I.P.B. by mathias
  14. [lyrics]forget the fanfare by Paul Ivey
  15. [lyrics]Miniature #7, West Gallery, acrylic on tile by Peter Johnson
  16. [lyrics]Go-To Guy by Jonny Mac
  17. [lyrics]Falling by Taran Gray
  18. [lyrics]It Must Be Hard, With Your Head On Backwards by W
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