2021 Song-A-Day
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2021 Song-A-Day

702 songs so far:

Mar 08

  1. [lyrics]Endless Vibe.1_ by SpacedMan

Mar 01

  1. [lyrics]Its a Vibe by SpacedMan

Feb 28

  1. [lyrics]Deresolution by aeio
  2. [lyrics]This Song by Amit Lissack
  3. [lyrics]Coffee Vibes by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]Distant Hills by ChrisLody
  5. [lyrics]Polymetric Acid by ChrisLody
  6. [lyrics]Rushed Landing (Wobbly Loud) by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Rushed Landing (Manipulated BD Edit) by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]The Reprive by Dave Panx
  9. [lyrics]Amigone by Derek Greenberg
  10. [lyrics]All Change in the Middle by Esme D
  11. [lyrics]Professional Procrastinator by Frank Lewis
  12. [lyrics]Our Morning Glory by Chris Greacen
  13. [lyrics]One Last Song by Jack Plug
  14. [lyrics]What All Humans Need by Jonathan Aronson
  15. [lyrics]Graduates by Junie
  16. [lyrics]An Ending Of A Sort by MarkM
  17. [lyrics]Barcelona by Dave Rogers
  18. [lyrics]Papa Pj's Mad Monster Menagerie by Paul Ivey
  19. [lyrics]that ride tho by Paul Ivey
  20. [lyrics]North Portal by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]Odd-Named Targets of My Friend's Affection by Pure Moods
  22. [lyrics]It's Been by Pure Moods
  23. [lyrics]Caconym by Ray Toler
  24. [lyrics]What To Do by Seth Freeman
  25. [lyrics]Messanger RNA by W
  26. [lyrics]Operation Warp Speed by W

Feb 27

  1. [lyrics]Eyes open by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Ferocious by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Friday Sweater by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Sample Flip VIbes by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]Undanceable Shit by ChrisLody
  6. [lyrics]Spinning in Space (No More Time) by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Spinning in Space (Radio Beacon Edit) by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]Spinning in Space (Ethereal Cheat Edit) by Jeff Kellem
  9. [lyrics]Spinning in Space (Stuck Pipes Edit) by Jeff Kellem
  10. [lyrics]Full Moon High by Dave Panx
  11. [lyrics]Rubaiyat Stanza 1 by Daniel Berkman
  12. [lyrics]Rubaiyat Stanza 7 by Daniel Berkman
  13. [lyrics]Rubaiyat Stanza 16 by Daniel Berkman
  14. [lyrics]Bobby Flay by Derek Greenberg
  15. [lyrics]I am Sorry if This Angers You by Esme D
  16. [lyrics]The Professors Are The Enemy by Chris Greacen
  17. [lyrics]She Says/She Sees by Jack Plug
  18. [lyrics]Pandemic World Traveler by Jonathan Aronson
  19. [lyrics]IDFLI by Seersha
  20. [lyrics]Admiralteyskaya (with Jimmy Osborne) by MarkM
  21. [lyrics]What You're Buying I Don't Want To Sell by Dave Rogers
  22. [lyrics]Ballad of the Last Galactic Cavalry by Paul Ivey
  23. [lyrics]767-2676 by Pure Moods
  24. [lyrics]Baryphonic by Ray Toler
  25. [lyrics]You Do by Seth Freeman
  26. [lyrics]Herd Immunity by W

Feb 26

  1. [lyrics]The Dome by aeio
  2. [lyrics]B after T by Amit Lissack
  3. [lyrics]Thank You Vibes by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]Liven XFM ..... Live by ChrisLody
  5. [lyrics]Loosely Unsteady by Jeff Kellem
  6. [lyrics]Uncertain to Two by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Felted Noodling Mess (Hot Mic, Minus 1) by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]Felted Noodling Mess (Hot Mic, Take 2) by Jeff Kellem
  9. [lyrics]Eulogy from United Nations Plaza by Dave Panx
  10. [lyrics]Distant by Esme D
  11. [lyrics]Quickie Doodle by Chris Greacen
  12. [lyrics]These Streets Are Ours by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]Gonna Run Out of Snow by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Orbiting by Junie
  15. [lyrics]Sail On by Seersha
  16. [lyrics]Song for a Snow Moon by MarkM
  17. [lyrics]Wonderland [with and feat. Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  18. [lyrics]beyond the moonlight [before-the-light rev'd & rev'd] by Paul Ivey
  19. [lyrics]Permanent Distance by Pure Moods
  20. [lyrics]Dead Be Dead by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]509 by Ray Toler
  22. [lyrics]Hey Y'all by Seth Freeman
  23. [lyrics]I'll Be Gone by Spencer Evans
  24. [lyrics]Emergency Use Authorization by W

Feb 25

  1. [lyrics]Now What by aeio
  2. [lyrics]I think our songs are sad by Amit Lissack
  3. [lyrics]Float On Vibe by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]Faltering Disarray by Jeff Kellem
  5. [lyrics]Tense 1-note Drone (Drone Only--might want to skip--Edit) by Jeff Kellem
  6. [lyrics]Squeezing In, Pushing Through (Unfazed) by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Squeezing In, Pushing Through (Fazed) by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]Covid-19 Goodbye by Dave Panx
  9. [lyrics]Patterns by Esme D
  10. [lyrics]I Want To Be So Sincere by Frank Lewis
  11. [lyrics]Your Way, Not Mine (Blert) by Chris Greacen
  12. [lyrics]Death Math by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]Nod Off Into Ice Cream Sleep by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]The Last by Seersha
  15. [lyrics]Bog Chorus by MarkM
  16. [lyrics]VORSICHT by Pure Moods
  17. [lyrics]Abstaining from Happiness by Brian Rodvien
  18. [lyrics]Molten Salt Reactor by Ray Toler
  19. [lyrics]We Know by Seth Freeman
  20. [lyrics]Empty Head by Spencer Evans
  21. [lyrics]The Nurse Advice Line by W
  22. [lyrics]COVAX by W
  23. [lyrics]The Color of Jointness by W

Feb 24

  1. [lyrics]And an Android Dreams by aeio
  2. [lyrics]D&D Night by Amit Lissack
  3. [lyrics]Cat Walk Vibes by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]No Pressure by Jeff Kellem
  5. [lyrics]Proper Celebration by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]The Exorcism by Esme D
  7. [lyrics]Present Here Now I Am Being by Frank Lewis
  8. [lyrics]Abstract Doodle by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]Get Out Of Our Way by Jack Plug
  10. [lyrics]Losing My Curmudgeon by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]Cats nDogs by Junie
  12. [lyrics]Withdrawn by Seersha
  13. [lyrics]Repton 3 by MarkM
  14. [lyrics]Attitude Interlude by Dave Rogers
  15. [lyrics]Club Sanctum : No Entry [VIP Line at Re-Open, 2023] by Paul Ivey
  16. [lyrics]I Love the Way by Peter Johnson
  17. [lyrics]Tower of Love by Pure Moods
  18. [lyrics]Artificial Desert by Brian Rodvien
  19. [lyrics]Jigsawz by Ray Toler
  20. [lyrics]What If I Told You by Seth Freeman
  21. [lyrics]More Guitar Music by Spencer Evans

Feb 23

  1. [lyrics]Cold Artifice by aeio
  2. [lyrics]There's Blood on the Ground by Amit Lissack
  3. [lyrics]Just a Vibe by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]Buh Bye, Assholes by Dave Panx
  5. [lyrics]Rond de Jambe by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]Marika's Adagio by Daniel Berkman
  7. [lyrics]Reverence by Daniel Berkman
  8. [lyrics]Stories by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Everybody Wants Everything by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]How Do I Get To The Future by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]Invisigoth by Jack Plug
  12. [lyrics]How Much Does She Love Disco? by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]Half of Mine by Seersha
  14. [lyrics]Four Guitars (with Aiden Neaves) by MarkM
  15. [lyrics]Watertown by Dave Rogers
  16. [lyrics]...a beautiful place IF... [LF 19-21] by Paul Ivey
  17. [lyrics]Pale Scissors by Pure Moods
  18. [lyrics]And After by Pure Moods
  19. [lyrics]Going Upside Down by Brian Rodvien
  20. [lyrics]Constructive Interference by Ray Toler
  21. [lyrics]I Smell Something by Seth Freeman
  22. [lyrics]Something About Dancing in the Rain After Midnight by Spencer Evans
  23. [lyrics]Serologic Testing by W

Feb 22

  1. [lyrics]GRAVITRON - Pure Moods by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Brokeout by aeio
  3. [lyrics]A little under two minutes - Gregg M Pasterick cover by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics](Four Corners) A Sheersha Vibe by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]Tiny (Lazy almost cover of Teenie by Junie) by Jeff Kellem
  6. [lyrics]...Mods? by Maria T by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]Who Can Say (Seersha Cover) by Daniel Berkman
  8. [lyrics]Cultural Exchange - Esme D cover by Derek Greenberg
  9. [lyrics]Mars Rover (short version) - Jonathan Aronson Cover by Esme D
  10. [lyrics]Keep Your Seat Belts Fastened by Frank Lewis
  11. [lyrics]A Sort Of A Start (MarkM cover) by Chris Greacen
  12. [lyrics]3 O'Clock Tea (Tony cover) by Chris Greacen
  13. [lyrics]Every Day (Maria T cover) by Chris Greacen
  14. [lyrics]Day One (Brian Rodvien cover) by Chris Greacen
  15. [lyrics]Previous Owner by Jack Plug
  16. [lyrics]In My Mind (Spencer Evans Cover) by Jonathan Aronson
  17. [lyrics]Fancy Pants (Tony Cover) by Junie
  18. [lyrics]Bad Dog Blues by Dave Panx by Seersha
  19. [lyrics]rain and the green - Bruce Brophy cover by MarkM
  20. [lyrics]Just Because She Looks At You Doesn't Mean She Loves You by Dave Rogers
  21. [lyrics]End of the World [Maria-T Cover] by Paul Ivey
  22. [lyrics]The Devil Isn't Done Yet [Moxie cover of Peter Johnson] by Paul Ivey
  23. [lyrics]Dark Turning Points (Seersha cover) by Peter Johnson
  24. [lyrics]PHO Vibes by N0Vibe by Pure Moods
  25. [lyrics]Equilibrium by Brian Rodvien
  26. [lyrics]Last Sad Day (Maria T Cover) by Ray Toler
  27. [lyrics]Henry James (Junie Cover) by Ray Toler
  28. [lyrics]Live On by Seth Freeman
  29. [lyrics]Urban Amore (Dave Panx cover) Feat. Rana Rines by Spencer Evans

Feb 21

  1. [lyrics]We can talk by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Nacre by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Chess for lefties by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Noni Vibes Short by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]Nostalgia Waves by ChrisLody
  6. [lyrics]In the Deep by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]In the Clouds by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]Deep in the Game by Jeff Kellem
  9. [lyrics]Bells and Beasts by Dave Panx
  10. [lyrics]Abandoned Old Amusement Park by Derek Greenberg
  11. [lyrics]Coffee & Guzheng (improv) by Esme D
  12. [lyrics]I Can't Laugh Without an Audience by Frank Lewis
  13. [lyrics]Bingo Doodle by Chris Greacen
  14. [lyrics]Restrospective by Jack Plug
  15. [lyrics]I Passed The Test Today by Jonathan Aronson
  16. [lyrics]Mars Lander by Junie
  17. [lyrics]Lincolnshire Dayglow by MarkM
  18. [lyrics]It's All You Know by Dave Rogers
  19. [lyrics]xvii by Paul Ivey
  20. [lyrics]Bemuse Bewilder Flabbergast [PFWU Fight-Shanty] (Traditional) by Paul Ivey
  21. [lyrics]Narcissus by Peter Johnson
  22. [lyrics]Datsche! by Pure Moods
  23. [lyrics]So Are the Grains of Our Lives by Ray Toler
  24. [lyrics]Experiments by Spencer Evans
  25. [lyrics]trinkets(no internet) by Spencie

Feb 20

  1. [lyrics]Ozzy the cat by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Beast Revisited by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Ignore Him by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Get Up Vibes a Short by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]Shark Serenade by Dave Panx
  6. [lyrics]Asta by Derek Greenberg
  7. [lyrics]Current Mood by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Mile On Ice by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]Stop Right Now by Jack Plug
  10. [lyrics]Mustard by Jonathan Aronson
  11. [lyrics]Who Can Say by Seersha
  12. [lyrics]Esme's Exuberant Everlasting Extravaganza by MarkM
  13. [lyrics]You're Not Alone by Dave Rogers
  14. [lyrics]Emergent [with and feat. Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  15. [lyrics]Dependent by Brian Rodvien
  16. [lyrics]The Wire Heart by Ray Toler
  17. [lyrics]Gaswaster by Spencer Evans
  18. [lyrics]Spikes and Surges by W
  19. [lyrics]moon bop by Spencie

Feb 19

  1. [lyrics]3 o'clock Tea by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Iridescence by aeio
  3. [lyrics]He's going to die by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Evolving Vibes by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]No Drums Vibe pt I by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Bass and Strings by ChrisLody
  7. [lyrics]Inside me by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Girl Scout Cookies by Chris Greacen
  9. [lyrics]I Do by Gregg M. Pasterick
  10. [lyrics]Life Is A Rundown House by Jack Plug
  11. [lyrics]No One Was Hurt by Jonathan Aronson
  12. [lyrics]Dark Turning Points by Seersha
  13. [lyrics]Spinning Plates by MarkM
  14. [lyrics]The Devil Isn't Done Yet by Peter Johnson
  15. [lyrics]Endless Games by Brian Rodvien
  16. [lyrics]Big Bend by Ray Toler
  17. [lyrics]No Deal by Spencer Evans
  18. [lyrics]Injected Disinfectants by W
  19. [lyrics]The Public Health Emergency by W
  20. [lyrics]longfasp by Spencie

Feb 18

  1. [lyrics]See the light by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Pillars of Irem by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Not so fast by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Not Minding Vibes by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]Toying Around by Jeff Kellem
  6. [lyrics]Karmic Dentistry by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]Vacant Parklet by Daniel Berkman
  8. [lyrics]My Mate Marks Massive Monolith by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]I Couldn't Be Better by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]Eeebe Deebe by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]This Morning by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]That Weight On Your Back by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]Mars Rover by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Four Corners by Seersha
  15. [lyrics]bobbing by MarkM
  16. [lyrics]Tough Tough by Dave Rogers
  17. [lyrics]Hppee2BHppee [with Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  18. [lyrics]For I Call My Cat Peter by Pure Moods
  19. [lyrics]Constantly Undergoing by Brian Rodvien
  20. [lyrics]Dogmatic Impressionism by Ray Toler
  21. [lyrics]New Toys by Spencer Evans
  22. [lyrics]The Twenty Star Memo by W
  23. [lyrics]cryptothedragon by Spencie

Feb 17

  1. [lyrics]Day 383 of the plague by Tony
  2. [lyrics]The Glider by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Break out by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Movie Intro Vibes by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]Unplanned by Jeff Kellem
  6. [lyrics]Unplanned (Lazy Cheat Edit) by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]The Locals by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]Memories are so delicious by Frank Lewis
  9. [lyrics]Surprise Me by Chris Greacen
  10. [lyrics]One Less Purveyor of Unreality by Gregg M. Pasterick
  11. [lyrics]I Feel A Darkness Coming by Jack Plug
  12. [lyrics]Wind Powered Ships by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]Expectations, Meet Reality by Seersha
  14. [lyrics]The Unknown Navvy by MarkM
  15. [lyrics]Continuity Zed [Act II Scene 1 - Zeddie Finds a Door] by Paul Ivey
  16. [lyrics]Continuity Zed [Act II Scene 2 - Building the Sphere] by Paul Ivey
  17. [lyrics]Continuity Zed [Act IV Scene 8 - Adrift, A Memory Arrives] by Paul Ivey
  18. [lyrics]Power Supply by Brian Rodvien
  19. [lyrics]Hadal Zone by Ray Toler
  20. [lyrics]Funky Thing by Spencer Evans
  21. [lyrics]Leaving Avila by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  22. [lyrics]FRAGO by W
  23. [lyrics]TransCom by W
  24. [lyrics]cage match by Spencie

Feb 16

  1. [lyrics]Problem solving by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Straight Backward by aeio
  3. [lyrics]A Touch by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Darker Vibes by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]A Little Ballet Kora Music by Daniel Berkman
  6. [lyrics]Adagio by Daniel Berkman
  7. [lyrics]A Little Ballet Guitarlele Music by Daniel Berkman
  8. [lyrics]Antidote For The Miserable by Daniel Berkman
  9. [lyrics]Time For Bed by Esme D
  10. [lyrics]Be Kind, Rewind by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]I'm A Child by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]In Control by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]Lemon Pound Cake by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Fat Tuesday (Atomic Macaroni) by Junie
  15. [lyrics]Skerries by MarkM
  16. [lyrics]Dancing Dancing by Dave Rogers
  17. [lyrics]Sweet Freedom by Brian Rodvien
  18. [lyrics]Slow Melt by Ray Toler
  19. [lyrics]Insight by Spencer Evans
  20. [lyrics]Ocean Blvd by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  21. [lyrics]DoDI 6200.03 by W
  22. [lyrics]chip chirp by Spencie

Feb 15

  1. [lyrics]Not a Wolf But by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Workaround by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Reading Hurts by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Folk music from nowhere by Amit Lissack
  5. [lyrics]The Chillest Vibe by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Cellular Karma by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]Return to Coldstone Manor by Derek Greenberg
  8. [lyrics]Cultural Exchange by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]How To Be Successful by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]One Last Run Through The Halls by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]What Happens If I Push Th ... by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]It's A Long Way Home by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]Squishy Thoughts by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Teenie by Junie
  15. [lyrics]Bolder by Seersha
  16. [lyrics]My Darkness Flows by MarkM
  17. [lyrics]Not Enough by Dave Rogers
  18. [lyrics]Marti by Peter Johnson
  19. [lyrics]Robin Williams Tunnel by Pure Moods
  20. [lyrics]Make It Stop by Brian Rodvien
  21. [lyrics]Ogdoads by Ray Toler
  22. [lyrics]Gold by Spencer Evans
  23. [lyrics]Crisis Action Team by W
  24. [lyrics]duoopss by Spencie

Feb 14

  1. [lyrics]Space Heater by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Exploit by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Strike Three by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Vday Oooof Vibes by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]Bad News by ChrisLody
  6. [lyrics]Tense 1-note Drone by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Valentine's is for Vampires by Dave Panx
  8. [lyrics]Happy Valentines by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Soft and Low by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]Clear The Air by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]I Let 'em by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]Drunk Man On The Subway With His Son by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]Philly-delphia by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Hearts and Flowers by Junie
  15. [lyrics]Less Mad Anthem by Seersha
  16. [lyrics]Halflight by MarkM
  17. [lyrics]Charlie The Garbageman by Dave Rogers
  18. [lyrics]The Eros of Time [Phenomenon, Part I] by Paul Ivey
  19. [lyrics]Phenomenon [Disappearing,Pt II] by Paul Ivey
  20. [lyrics]Old Saint Vallie by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]Aspirants by Brian Rodvien
  22. [lyrics]Stalking the Aleatoric Whales by Ray Toler
  23. [lyrics]Afternoon Destroyer by Maria T
  24. [lyrics]Valentine Ballad by Spencer Evans
  25. [lyrics]Yawn Song (aka 9 years into a relationship) by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  26. [lyrics]particles by Spencie

Feb 13

  1. [lyrics]Cows and Dogs by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Cyber Stomp by aeio
  3. [lyrics]How Comes by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Endings by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]Calm Vibe by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Alone in a Cabinet by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]Short Loops by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]That's a Thing That Happened by Frank Lewis
  9. [lyrics]Be There by Chris Greacen
  10. [lyrics]Paul McCartney is Still Dead by Gregg M. Pasterick
  11. [lyrics]I Am Here I Am Not A Cat by Jack Plug
  12. [lyrics]1976 to 1979 - A Brief Account by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]Argh by Junie
  14. [lyrics]Simple by Seersha
  15. [lyrics]A Spark Appears by MarkM
  16. [lyrics]Miasma Of Personal Drama by Dave Rogers
  17. [lyrics]SHARK WARS [S09E13 - Cage Round] by Paul Ivey
  18. [lyrics]y by Pure Moods
  19. [lyrics]Away We Go by Brian Rodvien
  20. [lyrics]Dagian by Ray Toler
  21. [lyrics]Nope by Maria T
  22. [lyrics]Show You How by Spencer Evans
  23. [lyrics]Presumptive Positives by W
  24. [lyrics]livid00m by Spencie

Feb 12

  1. [lyrics]Heed the call by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Tactical by aeio
  3. [lyrics]One Punch Vibes pt 2 by SpacedMan
  4. [lyrics]No Filter Funk by ChrisLody
  5. [lyrics]A Bit Messy by Jeff Kellem
  6. [lyrics]This is your Brain on Love by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]On Look Out by Esme D
  8. [lyrics]All Day My Own Blood Boils by Frank Lewis
  9. [lyrics]Do It Once More by Chris Greacen
  10. [lyrics]Everything That Ever Was No Longer Is by Gregg M. Pasterick
  11. [lyrics]We Go On Automatic by Jack Plug
  12. [lyrics]Strange People Bayer Bear by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]Escape by Seersha
  14. [lyrics]A Ghost Story by MarkM
  15. [lyrics]Jack The Garbageman by Dave Rogers
  16. [lyrics]Go Back to Brunch by Paul Ivey
  17. [lyrics]I, Swan by Pure Moods
  18. [lyrics]Hey You by Brian Rodvien
  19. [lyrics]Locus Alienus by Ray Toler
  20. [lyrics]Privacy Mode by Maria T
  21. [lyrics]Etude in F minor by Spencer Evans
  22. [lyrics]Stradiation by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  23. [lyrics]family future by Spencie

Feb 11

  1. [lyrics]Full Emo by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Lapis by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Experiences (Life is made of time and water) by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]sketch 3 by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]Faded Original Idea by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]A Tiny Bit by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Pies at the Ranch by Dave Panx
  8. [lyrics]We Are by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Brötal Beatz by Chris Greacen
  10. [lyrics]doin' laundry, washin' dishes, and feelin' like hell by Gregg M. Pasterick
  11. [lyrics]You're Drifting Farther Away by Jack Plug
  12. [lyrics]Zippy and the Vet on Visual Voicemail by Jonathan Aronson
  13. [lyrics]I Can't Find My Glasses by Junie
  14. [lyrics]Coming Up Empty by Seersha
  15. [lyrics]Super High Ideal Tape by MarkM
  16. [lyrics]I Go To Work Anyway Part II by Dave Rogers
  17. [lyrics]Funn O))) by Paul Ivey
  18. [lyrics]You(r Dad) by Pure Moods
  19. [lyrics]Mysterious by Brian Rodvien
  20. [lyrics]Kef by Ray Toler
  21. [lyrics]Holder by Maria T
  22. [lyrics]Baseball by Spencer Evans
  23. [lyrics]Drive Me by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  24. [lyrics]Antibody Testing by W
  25. [lyrics]mixtape (phokingjam) by Spencie

Feb 10

  1. [lyrics]Fancy pants by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Coriolis by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Jee or Bee by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]BSY-1 by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]IPhone Mixolydian Jam by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]It's a no from me by ChrisLody
  7. [lyrics]Urban Amore by Dave Panx
  8. [lyrics]Not Anymore by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Lets Make Tomorrows Trash Today by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]Linger On by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]Redneck Jamboree by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]The Ballad Of Sherwood B. Sweet by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]I Go To Work Anyway by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Friendly Ghosts by Junie
  15. [lyrics]Pieces by Seersha
  16. [lyrics]Goalless on a Wednesday Night by MarkM
  17. [lyrics]Crashing Egos by Dave Rogers
  18. [lyrics]gloria in excelsis [dj pj live in his pj's] by Paul Ivey
  19. [lyrics]The score is one/The score is two by Peter Johnson
  20. [lyrics]Secret Word by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]117 Years Old by Brian Rodvien
  22. [lyrics]Pigeonhole by Ray Toler
  23. [lyrics]Never Sent by Maria T
  24. [lyrics]Half a Lazy Idea by Spencer Evans
  25. [lyrics]Internal Quake by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  26. [lyrics]Clinical Trials by W
  27. [lyrics]L-W00D by Spencie

Feb 09

  1. [lyrics]Who took my gold by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Variant by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Ten by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Jumpers by Amit Lissack
  5. [lyrics]drone loop by Bruce Brophy
  6. [lyrics]PHO Vibes by SpacedMan
  7. [lyrics]Lost in a Vector by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]Alien Hearts by Dave Panx
  9. [lyrics]Dive Up by Daniel Berkman
  10. [lyrics]Release by Esme D
  11. [lyrics]I am So Tired by Frank Lewis
  12. [lyrics]Big Bad Tomorrow by Chris Greacen
  13. [lyrics]The World Is A Catastrophe by Jack Plug
  14. [lyrics]Backspace by Jonathan Aronson
  15. [lyrics]Drifting by Junie
  16. [lyrics]Shake My Love by Seersha
  17. [lyrics]We Are Ancient by MarkM
  18. [lyrics]Shake The Tree by Dave Rogers
  19. [lyrics]Jeannie Valjean by Peter Johnson
  20. [lyrics]Along the Canal by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]3PO by Brian Rodvien
  22. [lyrics]Electric Swamp by Ray Toler
  23. [lyrics]Flowers Rediscovered by Maria T
  24. [lyrics]GF Pasta by Spencer Evans
  25. [lyrics]Yum Yum Yum by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  26. [lyrics]Quad Charts by W
  27. [lyrics]leaksssz by Spencie

Feb 08

  1. [lyrics]Mothers Love by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Trippin by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Feel Things by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]False Prophet by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]Quicky Jams Vibe by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Now Then Boys by ChrisLody
  7. [lyrics]Lazy & Rough by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]This is Love by Dave Panx
  9. [lyrics]Strung Out by Derek Greenberg
  10. [lyrics]More Tension by Esme D
  11. [lyrics]I Can Feel the Shape of My Eyebrows by Frank Lewis
  12. [lyrics]Build A Home by Chris Greacen
  13. [lyrics]It's A Long Drive To Massachusetts by Jack Plug
  14. [lyrics]My Covid Will by Jonathan Aronson
  15. [lyrics]Henry James by Junie
  16. [lyrics]Try by Seersha
  17. [lyrics]Ready by Seersha
  18. [lyrics]Uncle Milton by MarkM
  19. [lyrics]Derelicked Dan by Dave Rogers
  20. [lyrics]S-O-S from USSF Space Cadet #509 by Paul Ivey
  21. [lyrics]It's Lucky by Peter Johnson
  22. [lyrics]King Hiss by Pure Moods
  23. [lyrics]Anymore by Brian Rodvien
  24. [lyrics]The Stinking Rose Waltz by Ray Toler
  25. [lyrics]I'm A Modern Woman by Maria T
  26. [lyrics]Sunset by Spencer Evans
  27. [lyrics]Nidus Zephyr by W
  28. [lyrics]~6~ by Spencie

Feb 07

  1. [lyrics]Seven Seconds by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Funky Sunrise by aeio
  3. [lyrics]It doesn't mean anything by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]Poltergeist by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]Weekend Drive Vibe by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Social Anxiety by Dave Panx
  7. [lyrics]Gyrokenisis 1 by Daniel Berkman
  8. [lyrics]Tension Music by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Meditation For Dummies by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]Neighbors by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]Super Sunday, With a Soupçon of Pat Metheny by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]Phylum Traitor by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]My 3rd Grade Valentine by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]Static Waves and Rumblings by Junie
  15. [lyrics]When The Lights Go Out by MarkM
  16. [lyrics]Noise Engage [with and feat. Moxie] by Paul Ivey
  17. [lyrics]Bitter Roots by Peter Johnson
  18. [lyrics]Plastic Stars by Pure Moods
  19. [lyrics]Clockwise by Brian Rodvien
  20. [lyrics]Mushroom Tea by Ray Toler
  21. [lyrics]A (Minor) Threat by Maria T
  22. [lyrics]The Other Side by Spencer Evans
  23. [lyrics]Enter the Garage by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  24. [lyrics]The Health Surveillance Branch by W
  25. [lyrics]~5~ by Spencie

Feb 06

  1. [lyrics]Overthink by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Interstellar Causeway by aeio
  3. [lyrics]ambient echoes by Bruce Brophy
  4. [lyrics]Rnb Vibes by SpacedMan
  5. [lyrics]The Bontempi KS5600 (is not great) by ChrisLody
  6. [lyrics]Simplistic Numerology by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Mansions by Dave Panx
  8. [lyrics]Dr. Oetker by Derek Greenberg
  9. [lyrics]On The Edge by Esme D
  10. [lyrics]I Can't Miss You Any More by Frank Lewis
  11. [lyrics]Making It Happen by Chris Greacen
  12. [lyrics]A Little Over a Minute by Gregg M. Pasterick
  13. [lyrics]Was I Wrong To Bring My Child Into This Crowded Space by Jack Plug
  14. [lyrics]Outdoor Bath by Jonathan Aronson
  15. [lyrics]Brady Bunchy by Junie
  16. [lyrics]Right In Front Of Me by Seersha
  17. [lyrics]Bellyful of Mead by MarkM
  18. [lyrics]Best I Could by Dave Rogers
  19. [lyrics]Baby I might by Peter Johnson
  20. [lyrics]Yak Saddle by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]Surplus of Belief by Brian Rodvien
  22. [lyrics]A Completely Successful Exercise in Planning and Self-Restraint by Ray Toler
  23. [lyrics]Amateur Hour by Maria T
  24. [lyrics]In My Mind by Spencer Evans
  25. [lyrics]Cutting Water by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  26. [lyrics]Repatriation Flights by W
  27. [lyrics]~4~ by Spencie

Feb 05

  1. [lyrics]Oh Shawna by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Song of Black Pearls by aeio
  3. [lyrics]The same thing keeps on happening by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]sketch2 by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]Dat Dat a VM Vibe by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Brass and Acid by ChrisLody
  7. [lyrics]Splattered Noodling Mess by Jeff Kellem
  8. [lyrics]Mysterious Math of Dogs by Dave Panx
  9. [lyrics]Morning Kora Intro by Daniel Berkman
  10. [lyrics]Then Elsewhere by Daniel Berkman
  11. [lyrics]Modern World by Esme D
  12. [lyrics]Hands On by Chris Greacen
  13. [lyrics]Stenosis Fingers by Gregg M. Pasterick
  14. [lyrics]We All Fall Down by Jack Plug
  15. [lyrics]Ron by Jonathan Aronson
  16. [lyrics]Here I Am by Seersha
  17. [lyrics]Ballad of the Travelling Salesman by MarkM
  18. [lyrics]Get Out Alive by Dave Rogers
  19. [lyrics]before the light by Paul Ivey
  20. [lyrics]Beverage by Pure Moods
  21. [lyrics]The Stars Above by Brian Rodvien
  22. [lyrics]A Tiny Thing by Ray Toler
  23. [lyrics]Last Sad Day by Maria T
  24. [lyrics]Hudson Line by Spencer Evans
  25. [lyrics]We Explore (acappella) by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  26. [lyrics]FaceTime Farewells by W
  27. [lyrics]~3~ by Spencie

Feb 04

  1. [lyrics]Its only day four by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Dangerous Toys by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Make Your Peace by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]A Perfect Landscape by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]Faded a short vibe! by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Twice Lazy by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Dog Walk'r by DVT
  8. [lyrics]Jaunty Dog by Dave Panx
  9. [lyrics]Paradise by Daniel Berkman
  10. [lyrics]Jump Over the Arm by Derek Greenberg
  11. [lyrics]Morning Embers by Esme D
  12. [lyrics]Star In your Dream by Frank Lewis
  13. [lyrics]I Signed by Chris Greacen
  14. [lyrics]I Got a Crush by Gregg M. Pasterick
  15. [lyrics]American, Idle by Jack Plug
  16. [lyrics]Reconciliation by Jonathan Aronson
  17. [lyrics]Take It Easy On Me by Seersha
  18. [lyrics]Late Night Cuppa by MarkM
  19. [lyrics]Bad Poetry by Dave Rogers
  20. [lyrics]I did not look for love by Peter Johnson
  21. [lyrics]GRAVITRON by Pure Moods
  22. [lyrics]Latitude by Brian Rodvien
  23. [lyrics]Nothing in the Universe by Ray Toler
  24. [lyrics]End of the World by Maria T
  25. [lyrics]Lifted From a Page by Spencer Evans
  26. [lyrics]Hidden by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  27. [lyrics]The Doubling Rate by W
  28. [lyrics]~2~ by Spencie

Feb 03

  1. [lyrics]Never leave a friend by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Preferred Method by aeio
  3. [lyrics]Improvetude by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]toybox by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]pro·cras·ti·na·tion /pr??krast??n?SH(?)n/ by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Untitled by DVT
  7. [lyrics]Little Black Dog by Dave Panx
  8. [lyrics]Plot Holes by Esme D
  9. [lyrics]Kettle and Fine Art! by Frank Lewis
  10. [lyrics]Ride On by Chris Greacen
  11. [lyrics]I Was Embarrassed by Gregg M. Pasterick
  12. [lyrics]Five Minutes Left Til The New Year by Jack Plug
  13. [lyrics]A Nurse Named Vaxene by Jonathan Aronson
  14. [lyrics]As the Crow Flies by Junie
  15. [lyrics]Gold Rush by Seersha
  16. [lyrics]From Now On by MarkM
  17. [lyrics]I Got Two Stacks On That {2021 Extended 12"} by Paul Ivey
  18. [lyrics]Dr Barton by Peter Johnson
  19. [lyrics]Bad You Know by Pure Moods
  20. [lyrics]Grey Days by Brian Rodvien
  21. [lyrics]A Star Never Setting by Ray Toler
  22. [lyrics]...Mods? by Maria T
  23. [lyrics]Let You Know by Spencer Evans
  24. [lyrics]Anchors and Sails by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  25. [lyrics]Health Protection Condition Alpha by W
  26. [lyrics]~1~ by Spencie

Feb 02

  1. [lyrics]Dragonfly by Tony
  2. [lyrics]All Thumbs by aeio
  3. [lyrics]read by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]rain and the green by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]Vocoder Vibes by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Unfocused by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Submarine Drive Thru by DVT
  8. [lyrics]Morning by Darin Wilson
  9. [lyrics]Bad Dog Blues by Dave Panx
  10. [lyrics]Diamond by Derek Greenberg
  11. [lyrics]Keep Holding On by Esme D
  12. [lyrics]Collector of Debts by Frank Lewis
  13. [lyrics]Get Up by Chris Greacen
  14. [lyrics]Make Believe by Gregg M. Pasterick
  15. [lyrics]Leave It Behind by Jack Plug
  16. [lyrics]Nielsen's Market by Jonathan Aronson
  17. [lyrics]Little Groove by Junie
  18. [lyrics]Down and Out by Seersha
  19. [lyrics]The-Way-Inn by MarkM
  20. [lyrics]ms. fortune learns to fly by Paul Ivey
  21. [lyrics]Toothbrush by Pure Moods
  22. [lyrics]In Paradise by Brian Rodvien
  23. [lyrics]Dreams of a Distant Shore by Ray Toler
  24. [lyrics]Wreckers by Maria T
  25. [lyrics]See it Going Down by Spencer Evans
  26. [lyrics]Muffled-Loop-Surprise by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  27. [lyrics]Restriction of Movement by W
  28. [lyrics]itea support by Spencie

Feb 01

  1. [lyrics]But a Dream by Tony
  2. [lyrics]Invoker by aeio
  3. [lyrics]I think I'm gonna by Amit Lissack
  4. [lyrics]M9loop by Bruce Brophy
  5. [lyrics]GStreet Vibes by SpacedMan
  6. [lyrics]Waiting to Take Off by Jeff Kellem
  7. [lyrics]Dolphin Olympics Part 1 by DVT
  8. [lyrics]Such A Bad Dog by Dave Panx
  9. [lyrics]Fragmented by Daniel Berkman
  10. [lyrics]Welcome Song A Day 2021 by Derek Greenberg
  11. [lyrics]Sour by Esme D
  12. [lyrics]Please Don't Tell me by Frank Lewis
  13. [lyrics]What Could Go Wrong by Chris Greacen
  14. [lyrics]I Think You Get the Idea by Gregg M. Pasterick
  15. [lyrics]A Song A Day by Jack Plug
  16. [lyrics]Practice Test by Jonathan Aronson
  17. [lyrics]Start Start by Junie
  18. [lyrics]For Granted by Seersha
  19. [lyrics]A Sort Of A Start by MarkM
  20. [lyrics]SHE TURNS THE DOLLS FACES TO THE WALL by mathias
  21. [lyrics]So Suicide Chic by Paul Ivey
  22. [lyrics]Like Water by Peter Johnson
  23. [lyrics]Sammy S. at Top Dog by Pure Moods
  24. [lyrics]Day One by Brian Rodvien
  25. [lyrics]Noise in the Signal by Ray Toler
  26. [lyrics]Every Day by Maria T
  27. [lyrics]Simple Tune by Spencer Evans
  28. [lyrics]Contemplate Starting (Improv) by BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
  29. [lyrics]Negative Pressure Rooms by W
  30. [lyrics]1you by Spencie
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