500 Dollars Worth of Shoes

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 01/31/2010
True story....
ice cold sun shiney crispy saturday outside
landlords are fixing heaters everywhere
and the troubled teens are still out from last night
on the church steps drinking their fourty's
across the street another overdose and two domestics
crime is down in our town

about a mile away one hundred yuppies wait in line
for croissants and coffee
everybody's dead anyway
so why do we give a damn about the roles we play
some people gotta wear five hundred dollars worth of shoes
just to run around the lake

five hundred dollars worth of shoes

So this car stops in front of my house for no reason
that I know of...

...then the paramedics show up and take the driver's body away
seems he had a heart attack - died behind the wheel
I must be a sick mother fucker
because the first thing I thought is
I'm glad he didn't run into my car

five hundred dollars worth of shoes

five hundred dollars worth of shoes

+++++++++++++ Rights:
what you see - copyright (c) 2010 - Jonathan D. Aronson
what you hear - phonorecord (P) - 2010 - Jonathan D Aronson
all rights reserved...anything good to come of this recording is its intent. Any use of this material for financial gain without the express written consent of me blah blah blah.. I have a very good lawyer.
Notes: recorded and composed in January/February 2010 in my Seaside CA studio overlooking the beautiful Monterey Peninsula and if you look real hard out the corner of the window you can see the Monterey bay. � � � � � �    
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500 Dollars Worth of Shoes
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