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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/24/2010
So there's this button on my BR900-CD that says "PITCH CORRECTION" and I think it made this song sound like 440Hz was bending to 444Hz or to 436Hz. At this point it should be obvious that I don't know what that button does because I am not into instructions, buttons, knobs or wires. I just like writing songs and singing out of key....weird.
After hearing the one-take quality of this and feeling compelled to "fix" the funky-ness I decided to upload as- is... now I think this will end up two songs - 'Rain' and 'At Home in Our Hearts' because I don't go back and "fix" I usually like to start over...

Inside each rain drop's a universe with solar systems and planets in each puddle there's countless lives with memories and mysteries of little tribes on and on
Inside each cloud lies the energy of life with momentum of millions of thoughts inside each drop a civiliazation falls with torn down walls torn down walls life and death
You and I will walk for ever and ever, together You and I are walking into the sunset We know that there's more to this universe but I refused to believe it's not just us We've created our home and memories In multiple addresses We're at home in our hearts
Inside each rain drop's a universe crashing to the earth and it's destroyed and it starts again, starts again like life death planets and lovers
You and I will walk for ever and ever +++++++++++++ Rights:
what you see - copyright (c) 2010 - Jonathan D. Aronson
what you hear - phonorecord (P) - 2010 - Jonathan D Aronson
all rights reserved...anything good to come of this recording is its intent. Any use of this material for financial gain without the express written consent of me blah blah blah.. I have a very good lawyer.
Notes: recorded and composed in February 2010 in my Seaside CA studio overlooking the beautiful Monterey Peninsula and if you look real hard out the corner of the window you can see the Monterey bay. � � � � � � � � �    
Tagses: rain, drop, universe, life (we can link these up later)

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