Song-A-Day 2010 Stops Now

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/28/2010
Song--Day 2010 Stops now I was honored and humbled to be in such company
thank you for having me it was good to be here Hopefully my one takes didn't melt your ears
THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I'll be listening to my favorites all year. See you next year. :-) +++++++++++++ Rights:
what you see - copyright � 2010 - Jonathan D. Aronson
what you hear - phonorecord (P) - 2010 - Jonathan D Aronson
all rights reserved...anything good to come of this recording is its intent. Any use of this material for financial gain without the express written consent of me blah blah blah.. I have a very good lawyer.
Notes: recorded and composed in February 2010 in my Seaside CA studio overlooking the beautiful Monterey Peninsula and if you look real hard out the corner of the window you can see the Monterey bay. � � � � � �    
Tagses: sonaday, stops, next year (we can link these up later)

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Song-A-Day 2010 Stops Now
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