Still Sparkin'

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/04/2011
Note: Inspired by Seth not having time to record and upload songs, I decided to make a song called Still Sparkin' - because that's what has him so busy these days... Seth pointed out the double entendre to me and a song was born with a bong line in it borrowing the cadence from the Beatles "A Day in the Life"...just more obnoxious and strummy. Hey, it's only Rock n Roll, and I like it!

Still Sparkin' After All These Years I paid the bills today oh boy 200 bucks for the electric bill and though the lights were rather dim I had to use them all now we know how many bulbs it takes to fill the entry hall... I took my my kid to school today To young to take the bus or walk that way and though I'm holding onto time I had to dry my tears I have a gig to do... I'm Still Sparkin' after all these years! >>I'd love to write a song. I'd love to turn you on Woke up to write a song took a hit off of the bong Found my way into my studio and turned on my tape player radio I starting strumming the old banjo grabbed a tape made up some old licks sang a song about some kicks scribbled down the words I began to say uploaded the song to Song-A-Day! Song-A-Day! >>ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh . I'd love to write a song. I'd love to turn you on. I'd love to write a song. I went again to Song-A-Day! listening to what wasn't there yesterday more awesome songs uploaded there I played them all night Now we know how many songs it take to fill the Netscrap site >>I'd love to write a song. I'd love to turn you on. I'd love to write a song. Still Sparkin' after all these years Small Print: what you see - copyright (c) 2011 - Jonathan D. Aronson what you hear - phonorecord (P) - 2011 - Jonathan D Aronson All rights reserved...anything good to come of this recording is its intent. Any use of this material for financial gain without the express written consent of us blah blah blah.. We have a very good lawyer, the internet is written in ink not pencil we can prove we did this before you stole it. Notes: recorded and composed in February 2011 in my Hollister, CA studio with a view of the beautiful Diablo Range and Santa Ana Mountain and if you look real hard out the corner of the window you can see forever. � � �    
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Still Sparkin'
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