Hard Fall

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/08/2011
Amazing story behind the song! I fell really hard skateboarding and as I lay there clutching my leg in agony I thought "Hmm, Hard Fall, that sounds like a song idea". You never would have guessed that from listening to the song, probably. Oh, and I also broke my calcaneous in a skateboarding accident in August. Again, the lyrics shroud this fact in mystery, but there you have it. There are two more verses which explore the metaphorical side of the song but I just didn't have the time or energy to extend the recording. I took a hard fall last Summer calcaneous broken in two they patched me up at the hospital with a titanium plate and eleven screws but now it's all right I thought I couldn't take anymore but it's all right Doing much better than before I took a hard fall last night On the concrete in the driveway a little blood and a lot of bruising I'm going to feel that the next day  
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Hard Fall
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