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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/06/2013
¬†Imaginary Lady Monterey Bay Driving Me Crazy We'll be together someday I'm going to Monterey tonight To spend some time with the sea waves crashing while animals cry to me Pleasant silent nights cool peaceful hometown feelings The smells and the textures are familiar and they were mine first I keep having episodes and days of thinking of her as my personal strength grows My psychic connection can feel her and her absence and her thoughts I know I feel I would like things my way you see, it's my way if all ways are our ways and we co-exist without animosity I exist now in pride and peace and love I have few regrets I have few regrets but allowing myself to feel is not one of them I'm alive and it feels so good I'm alive and it hurts so good Imaginary Lady Monterey Bay Drivin' me crazy We'll be together someday  
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