Celestial Bodies

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/15/2013
Standing on moon I see See you standing there in front of me You got such a beautiful scene Standing on the moon looking back at me Floating round the atmosphere See you floating by Aurora Borealis dear See you floating by See you floating into space Reaching out to touch your face Standing on the moon I see you Walking by its true I see you Then you walk to the dark side of the moon Now I can't find you Float around the atmosphere Trying to see you there my dear reaching out to touch the space reahing out to touch your face Aurrora Borealis It's you I want to kiss Aurrora Borealis It's you I want to kiss Standing on the moon I saw you there Standing on the moon in no underwear Walking round past me on the moon Anti gravityeeeeeeeeeee I just want to touch your celestial bodies I just fell in love celestial bodies I want to be with your celestial bodies Please take off your top celestial bodies Laying on the moon celestial bodies SHow me what you got celestial bodies Babay your so hot celestial bodiesĀ   
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Celestial Bodies
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