Rehearsal for a Musical

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by: Derek Greenberg
uploaded: 02/15/2013
DICK: You're for making me poor You don't have a problem with that You tend to tax and to spend That makes you a Democrat You have a socialist agenda I don't know how you sleep at night And if I happen to offend ya I'm sorry &.. for being right. PAULA: You're for going to war You can't wait to bomb Iran You fight everybody in sight You're such a Republican Too bad you don't get economics 'Cause trickle-down won't help us grow You're fodder for the late night comics How you can sleep, I'll never know DICK AND PAULA: We are so very far apart in our politics So I will take the left wing And you will take the right And with two wings our Bird of love takes flight.    
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Rehearsal for a Musical
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