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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/26/2013
(no I'm not on meth... it's just a song) Staring straight ahead beneath the twisted wreckage of a two party system The princes died tonight between the twisted poles of tunnel cement chased by paparazzi Remembering the dread beneith the sheets of artificial energy and a job that had to get done The ideas I have flowing through my head have brought me here to the edge of big descisions It's a toss up between coke and diet coke imported or domestic...I could make my own it seems methamphetamines, methamphetamines Staring straight ahead between the twisted wreckage of two cars I sip my coffee and I think about all the sleaze hanging out in bars There's no where to sit but in the twisted wreckage of my mind and I've got work to do...images flashing of him and me and you methamphetamines, methamphetamines Like a warm sunbeam on shivering shoulders shivering from the cold air, from fear or hysteria Like water flowing over skin at a perfect temperature Flowing through the pressure of an honest day's work Like the steadiness and security of a life long love Secure in the throes of passionate embrace like the fires burning to keep love true and alive Burning for a world it seems methamphetamines, methamphetamines I dont want to hear it, you can't do that, right to refuse, parental guidance no frontal nudity by appointment only, most qualified, no piano playing, five minute limit, book burning, selective hearing keep it down, proof reading, this phone call is monitored, button your lip, please refain from vulgarity, watch your mouth, we can neither conform nor deny, don't walk, quiet in the library, don't walk on the grass, take a number, take your turn,prerequisites, qualifications, pacifiers, money, religeon, education, point of view, television, radio, war, propaganda, time, Julian, Gregorian, Mayan, Egyption, sequester, sequester... methamphetamines, methamphetamines    
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