The Chicken Head

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by: Derek Greenberg
uploaded: 02/28/2013
(Recorded LIVE into one microphone, Seth Freeman style) I was at a Dim Sum restaurant About to eat a chicken head It came to life and looked at me And this is what it said Please don't eat my face, please don't eat my face Find another Dim Sum place But please don't eat my face Please don't eat my feet, please don't eat my feet Find another kind of meat, But please don't eat my feet Please don't eat my legs, please don't eat my legs Wouldn't you rather have Platypus eggs? Please don't eat my legs. Please don't eat my beak, please don't eat my beak 'Cause if you do, how can I speak? So please don't eat my beak. I put it back on the plate Showing mercy sure feels great.  
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The Chicken Head
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