Another Song A Day Gone (Peter Wins 2014 Anyway)

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/28/2014
Song A Day 2014 was rather quiet we had some sightings of some favorites Linda Arnold, Earl, seela, Berkman, Chris and Ivey Song A Day 2014 but people faded in the influenza and travel and mire of their lives Song A Day 2014 we had some new folks come around mathias, Harper, Wilburn and Joy and kick the song a day tire Song A Day 2014 Song A Day 2014 I'm grateful and happy to experience the feelings that transpired Song A Day 2014 Darin and Derek, truly impressed me this year as they always do (always do) I think it's the consistent ability for these two guys to create that I find so true (find so true) Song A Day 2014 If there is one person who did it this year prolific creativity it was Peter Johnson! And although this is not and never was a competition Peter wins 2014 anyway (anyway!) Song A Day 2014 Thank you one and thank you all Song A Day 2014 Until next year, stand tall Song A Day 2014 It's all right            
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Another Song A Day Gone (Peter Wins 2014 Anyway)
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