Mutated Baby Man

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by: Derek Greenberg
uploaded: 02/04/2015
Baby Man was changing right in Front of everyone Melting like a candle that's been Left out in the sun One eye drifted downward 'til it Settled on his cheek His lips began to stretch out front Until they formed a beak Mutated Baby Man, Baby Man An extra hand grew from his brow It sprouted overnight Flapping when he said hello A most astounding sight A second pair of legs appeared He scuttled like a crab His extra hand sure came in handy When he hailed a cab Mutated Baby Man, Baby Man "Time and Space are relative," is all he ever says He joined the Masons just because he likes to wear a fez. Mutated Baby Man, Baby Man Goodbye, Baby Man. Goodbye.
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Mutated Baby Man
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