Space Lix

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/15/2016
Outer space lix Gonna read that book about mexico Gonna look at all the pictures They got lots of water down there Gonna look at the pictures The pictures I got a question What's with all the coupons in my mailbox??? What's with all the coupons in my mailbox??? What is this material? What is this paper you speak of? And what do I do with it? It looks like the insides of books Remember books? What am I doing with all these coupons in my mailbox? God dammit! Space Lix Space Lix Space uhhh uhhh Lix Tamborine! Tamborine! Tamborine! Look at that wooden bowl over there full of juniper berries Tamborine! Look at that tea cup full of yellow wax Yellow wax And that dead rose Dead rose Right there by the panty hose Goddamn what are all those coupons doing in my mailbox? Drop the mic Pick it back up Space Lix Space Lix Look at those vitamin D3 gummies hmmmm drop the mic  
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Space Lix
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