Lizzy Blackfoot

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/26/2016
Ballad of Lizzy Blackfoot Up in the hills in the national forest There lies a place where the dogs play They stumble and hobble down towards the stumps With poles and hooks ready to slay Each year they arrive at the end of the season To avoid all the hassles and fools Till one year they showed and a woman appeared With her golf cart, her clipboard and rules She said "hey there boys my name is Liz, I'll be checking on you day and night. I'll come back around to keep you in line and Make sure that you all pay for your sites" She said "quiet by 10 and keep down the noise And make sure your fires are out Turn down your radio" (when we ain't go one) What the hell is this freak all about This is the Ballad of Lizzy Blackfoot Annoying with plenty to say She's interrupts everyoneone's solitude And she never goes away Someday she will just be a legend The ghost of the resevoir 'Cause if she comes around here again, I swear We're killing her and blaming a god damn bear ....Lizzy Blackfoot  
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Lizzy Blackfoot
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