Orator Muted

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/10/2017
Protect us from this evil wretch Stand up for what is right Please if and when it happens Please put up our fight Then when the voters said thier peace And all was all for not The devil visited the Orator and the people house turned white hot Capitulated and careful footed Our hero Orator was muted Muted, muted, muted We thought the ocean was rising from climate change Turns out it was high tide for 8 years The awful stench of death and rot appear During the low tide of our fears Now we're getting payback in arrears Wait till the next Olympics Get us through this time Dream of not having campaigns Take up collecting wine, or whiskey... whichever takes me from worried to "I don't give a shit" as fast as possible It's a new day for payback Wait it out, midterms arrive Soon enough it will be enough will it be enough? 2018 campaigns start in the spring It's a new day for payback payback  
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Orator Muted
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