Wonderful Electric Grandma

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/11/2017
Istambul is far away Mardi Gras is far away Met a Chinese Girl from Bhudapest Vertigo baked beans puppy pest Simulating 100 days to live I have your ashes Mother Fucker Fantasized long haul trucker I'm lower energy than Jeb Woo who? The wonderful electric grandma The most conservative policy since the 1920 The day that was What did you say my name is? My name is Grandma. Larry Tate look out for that van Alien Grandma is just fine, no worries Fly a kite to the moon Actor portrayal of bipolar depression I don't buy it I don't buy it You're my dream, you're my nightmare    
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Wonderful Electric Grandma
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