I'm Bramble Bagging

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/27/2018
I was bramble bagging Talking to the brown girl at the store She owns land I was sand bagging Talking to Fair Eleanor She lives in an apartment behind the BevMo! My bamboo is sagging As I talk to my neighbor The garbage truck he pulls up At the same time as AT&T With a spool of fiber and a construction crew with 2x4s and cable It snowed last Thursday night as I drove home from the office I stopped at the liquor store to get a Yerba Matte and a cupcake My life is pretty good I like to rinse my scalp with Weleda I throw blueberries at my dog Modern day peace flags draped across the ceiling at Nordstrom's Like a used car dealership for 400 dollar sunglasses I'm bramble bagging Talking to the brown girl at the store I'm brown bagging Talking to Fair Eleanor I'm running for Judge and if elected I will protect & defend the constitution of my constitution Living in a state of confusion to protect and serve  
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I'm Bramble Bagging
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